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Big Carp Tackle does it again. I have been searching recently for a particular rod to match two already in my possession in order to complete the set. All my rods consist of matching pairs and I have been unsuccesful in obtaining that third rod until now.

Looking on the CAG site p.m. yesterday I saw that David from Big Carp Tackle was offering a free third rod (Saxon Hexalite) if you purchased two of the already discounted models. This was my opportunity to have a complete matching set. I immediately purchased two rods and they together with the free rod are being shipped today. Hats off to Big Carp Tackle. This is a golden opportunity for all CAG members, so don't delay.. :yes::yes::yes:

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I wrote a thankyou for Big Carp Tackle, regarding their offering of a 'free' Saxon Hexalite rod when purchasing two already discounted Saxon rods. This was inadvertently placed under Carp Tackle International. In any case both vendors are terrific. Grahame :swimminfish::swimminfish:

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Guest RebelCarp

Can the ball on the butt end be removed easily? Heard all sorts of good reports about the rod but can't stand how it looks with the ball

I had one used saxon "ball" pop off. Im sure you can break the glue that holds it if you really wanted to. But you may like them. I love them and sit nice on small fox rod butt rests

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