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  1. Larry Wonderful tournament, fantastic weather, carp getting much larger than those caught in previous years. Thank you to all those concerned in the organization of this event. Let us set the month for September 2017. Grahame
  2. Splendid fish Jim.,Lets hope that they are still biting on Saturday and Sunday. Grahame.
  3. Larry, Looking forward to this event. Lets hope that the weather and river conditions are favorable. Thank you for organizing once again. Grahame.
  4. I was waiting for the additional Angler class mentioned by Larry Kirchner in the preceeding information for the 2014 Dixon Carp Derby and in the posting of 4th August 2014 I must admit to having read and re-read this several times in order to clarify the new format for this upcoming event. This competition does in fact portray the title of "The Dixon Family Carp Derby" and the real intent of promoting carp fishing with catch and release methods to the many families and youngsters who all come to learn this 'art of angling'. With the addition of the Advanced Division, some twenty prizes become available for presentation in the Adult Division as well as those prizes for the Boys and Girls. In previous years many of the top prizes went to the more experienced anglers who now must compete in the Advanced Division where they still have a real chance of taking home considerable cash awards. The change in format for this event is a change for the better and I am looking forward to competing again this year.
  5. First Class Service from Dennis at Resistance Tackle. A short time ago I purchased two rods whilst they were discounted. The discount had ended and a free rod was now offered,when buying two. Dennis was able to assist me in purchasing the third rod at a favourable saving resulting in a matching set of three. I want to extend my thanks to Dennis and Resistance Tackle for service well beyond what would normally be expected.
  6. I wrote a thankyou for Big Carp Tackle, regarding their offering of a 'free' Saxon Hexalite rod when purchasing two already discounted Saxon rods. This was inadvertently placed under Carp Tackle International. In any case both vendors are terrific. Grahame
  7. Big Carp Tackle does it again. I have been searching recently for a particular rod to match two already in my possession in order to complete the set. All my rods consist of matching pairs and I have been unsuccesful in obtaining that third rod until now. Looking on the CAG site p.m. yesterday I saw that David from Big Carp Tackle was offering a free third rod (Saxon Hexalite) if you purchased two of the already discounted models. This was my opportunity to have a complete matching set. I immediately purchased two rods and they together with the free rod are being shipped today. Hats off to Big Carp Tackle. This is a golden opportunity for all CAG members, so don't delay..
  8. I have now found that the problem was caused by a faulty modem.I am in the process of replacing this and trust that I do not have any further troubles.
  9. I have had difficulty in attempting to post ideas on D.I.Y. projects, this very morning. I get most of the printing complete, when for some unknown reason, my computer shuts down. I have made three attempts, but am reluctant to proceed until this has been rectified. I cannot recall what was put into print, each time, which is most frustrating.
  10. Frank, Let us be clear regarding what actually happened. Following the competition on Saturday, there was no doubt about what had been caught and who had caught. I am not labeling the Dixon event as one which condones such practices, far from it. The greed that has spread afar from high monetary events has always raised 'anglers' who, given half a chance will try and take advantage whenever they can. Where is the sportsmanship and friendship ?. The Dixon event is a local Derby where fishing is supposed to be fun. I cannot agree with your comments that had I been at the venue at 5.15.am. on Sunday then I would no doubt been able to fish the same swim. I was at the venue prior to 7.30.am. On Sunday, for an 8.am. start. I also remember that you did ask if it was permissible to arrive on Saturday and place your tackle at your chosen swim, prior to registering. In fact,that is what you did. I cannot find anything in Larry Kirchner's rules which allows that. I went home after Saturdays event and returned for Sundays'. Many persons stayed overnight. I do not intend to belabor the subject, just to tell exactly what occurred. Fishing, whether it be on ones' own or with others should be fun, with respect shown to others as you would expect to be shown to you. There was no respect shown on this occasion and your either with them or against them. I can see who's side you have taken. I just want to fish and do so with consideration to others. I will not be taking part in any future competitions where I cannot enjoy the company.
  11. This is an open letter concerning what should have been in furtherance of more praise for the Dixon Carp Derby. Unfortunately as has proved the case in so many events, involving high monetary payouts, the chivalry appears to have been set aside and replaced with what can only be described as greed. In this instance, involving one 'angler' knowing full well of how I had done on the Saturday event, decided to take over my spot adjacent to the downstream road bridge on Sunday morning and had set up rods etc., in exactly the position that I had fished the previous day. I arrived prior to 7.30.am. and to my dismay discovered him there. I had regarded him as a friend until then, but friends don't do that sort of thing, Do they ?. What made it worse was the fact that he denied knowing that this was my Saturday position until he had spoken to another person, fishing against the other road bridge. He offered no apology. I had put a great deal of effort in fishing the previous day and was looking forward to a repeat performance, but all hopes were dashed in that moment. I would ask that Larry Kirchner could possibly add wording to next years event, stating that for those anglers wishing to move from their Saturday fishing positions on the Sunday morning, not to set up tackle until some ten minutes prior to commencement at 8.am. This would prevent a reoccurrence of what happened here. I really enjoy my fishing, but I have no intention of entering the competition events, which condone actions by persons who have more interest in monetary gain, than the actual love of fishing.
  12. Having recently been the subject of card fraud, I was very reluctant to subject my new cards to the test, instead, I contacted Jim and David at big Carp Tackle and ordered new tackle via money order. Even before receiving the money orders via the USPS, they elected to dispatch the items that I had requested and I have actually received the first order, with the other order being dispatched before they had received the second money order. It is so refreshing to deal with persons of this calibre. There is hope in this world after all. Thankyou to all concerned.
  13. Logic dictates as I have stated. THE COMMON DENOMINATOR.
  14. Two debit cards and one credit card. All compromised, I have used all three at Resistance Tackle, Big Carp Tackle LLC , Wacker Baits and one credit card(National Westminster Bank,in the UK) for Invicta Angling, Ashford,Kent England. The other credit and debit cards are with Wells Fargo. First came to notice on February,21st 2013.
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