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NACA 2015 Q3 - Different Methods and Tactics

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As alway's I'm looking for CAG Members to send their catch pictures, reports and articles to:


The next issue will go live in early September and the deadline is August 15th.

My focus for Q3 is to feature different ways to catch carp. Hopefully, I'll be featuring:

Euro style

Float fishing


Fly fishing

Zig fishing

Surface fishing

Paylake style

If anyone would like to contribute on a certain style of fishing please feel free to reach out to me or send across an article.

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure if you've already got all your articles lined up, but if not, I'd be happy to share an article or three, on Floatfishing, Zig fishing, or Stalking?

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I have articles lined up for those 3 topics (zigs, float fishing and stalking) however please submit an article and if I have space I'll use it in the Edition, and if not then I will just bump it to a future Edition. We'd also love a future article on the World Carp Championship's. August did one last time, but would love to get another one once the event has finished.


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OK, no problem, I just noticed this thread (been a little busy with Team USA and the 2015 WI CC). I can definitely do something around the 2015 WCFC in Spain. I look forward to seeing the articles on Floatfishing, Zigfishing, and Stalking.

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