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NACA Q4 - Printed Edition Special


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As I've had a few inquires I though I would give you all an update on the last NACA of 2015.

The BOD voted to have 1 printed NACA each year and this will be our Christmas Edition. I have already lined up our printers and mailing house and have my timelines in place so we can get the printed edition out to you all in December.

As the printed edition is only 64 pages (previous issues have been 48 pages) the content will be limited. I already have some exciting 'guest' articles and other content lined up but would be happy to look at any articles our members send in. As well as the printed edition (which will only go to CAG Members) we will then release a 'supplemental' Edition which will include the printed material as well as other content to get us to our 120-140 page target. This will be released 2-3 weeks after our members have received their printed copy.

I would love CAG members to send me in their catch shots as well so I have a number to choose from for the cover shot. To be considered for the cover, the picture needs to follow the criteria below:

  • A well framed shot of digital quality
  • If it is a trophy shot, carp care practices need to be followed (water shot, over a mat, not standing up with the fish etc)
  • The picture needs to be exclusive! I will not put a picture on the cover that has already been released and displayed elsewhere.
  • The picture needs to come from a CAG member or a featured 'guest' contributor.

Timelines for the Printed Edition will be a deadline of November 1st. Please send any pictures or articles to naca@carpanglersgroup.com



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