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The Big Worm

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To start with I'd like to thank the  following.....

Roy and Nicole stewards, cooks and great friends.

Josef Settle best friend a guy could have 

Todd C. Net man and steward extrordinaire.

Bill Loy  security, cashier, comic relief and alcohol disposal manager.

Arun Hari Photographer and all around good guy

Fred Rhodes emergency steward and angler.

Magda from World Classic Baits for the Prizes and words of support.

Cory and Lina for logo design and help.

Jim Sappington for emergency stewarding and cleanup help.

Cory Bohman for prizes from Clorox.

Deb Carey and the Dixon Parks Department and staff, for all your help and use of the parks.

The City of Dixon Illinois and Cole Odonell, City Manager for their continued support.

The Illinois DNR for.their help every year and.the work they do in.and around Dixon

Ray at Bunnies Bait and tackle for the Prizes, support, updates, and.for letting me take the torch and run with 8 years ago.

To all the Anglers, Spectators and all the.local Businesses and Residents for allowing this event.to happen and by taking time to watch, attend and fish.

And last,

To Jerame Maceman,

My friend and fishing partner who dragged me to this event years ago to enjoy the fishing, friendships and town that makes this place my home away from home. 

Wish you could be here for this....

Thanks for opening my eyes to the "BIGGER PICTURE", and pushing me to help others find and enjoy new experiences to share with their friends and family.

God Bless you Buddy....


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Friday night setting get up we had a little drizzle but it was obvious that it wasn't going to last long but we still set up for possible storms by tenting under the Page Park Pavillion.

We had 25 People Register that night, and we had a little Cake to celebrate the Old Man  getting older.

DSC_5090 (800x534).jpg

DSC_5084 (800x534).jpg

DSC_5081 (800x534).jpg


DSC_5091 (800x534).jpg

DSC_5451 (800x534)-1.jpg

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