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It is with great sadness I am having to announce that this year's DIXON CARP DERBY will not be held in the same  manor on September 9th and 10th. A emergency health issue of a close family member, combined with the timing of this year's event had made it impossible to run the event in the manor and to the level of detail that we have over the last seven years. This unfortunate situation was sudden and not something that could be planned for and although it was my desire to put on the event to a level I am known for and to a level you deserve as loyal anglers, my family situation requires the focus of my effort, and time that normally I could focus on the Dixon Carp Derby and the days leading up to it.

         In speaking with Becky Reilly, my contact with the City and Tourism, it was agreed that it would be best to not proceed with the event as planned and without the level of prize support that  has normally been part of this event and allowed for the multiple divisions and large cash prizes.

      I share the sadness many will have for having to change plans and hope that you all understand.


         The permits are still active and a number of my volenteers and I have offered to come out and hand out donated prizes and the already secured tackle prizes, and run a more fun friendly "Social" derby to help keep the torch alive for next year....and to offer moral support those who decide to still come out and fish that weekend.  We hope you will still come out and fish this  FREE event. Think of it more of a "POT-LUCK" CARP DERBY and any donated items (even homemade) would be used to make up the prizes for the big fish...but mostly to have fun and for everyone to get together and see each other once again and hopefully to find some folks to work to bring the event back bigger than ever next year.

           Discussion will take place in the near future on the continuation of a Dixon Carp Derby for 2018, and We will keep you all informed. Again, thank you for your understanding and hope that you take the time to continue enjoying the fishing with your families and friends on the beautiful Rock River Riverfront in  Downtown Dixon Illinois.


Larry Kirchner





dixon fishing zone map.jpg

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136 Plaza Dr, Dixon, IL 61021

(815) 284-0500



1800 S Galena Ave, Dixon, IL 61021

(815) 255-4007



443 IL-2, Dixon, IL 61021

(815) 677-9950


☆☆☆ If you reserve a room please mention that you are in town for the 2017 DIXON CARP DERBY.

The Prizes are partially funded from Room Rental counts and other items tracked by the City and Tourism. Make sure to let them know tour here (in Dixon) so they continue what has become one of the largest " Catch and Release" carp fishing events in Illinois....


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If you are still planning going to come we have some room for camping near the pavillion. And will fish most of the weekend weather permitting.  The  Carp Anglers Group has donated a nice prize and a free membership and Wacker Bait and Tackle has offered up a little Bait kit to hand out to the first 90 or so folks that come out for this fishing social.  We will still have some big prizes ...and so excited fun stuff ... no different than previous years...and no extend an invitation to anyone (and do long as your well behaved to come out and fish....

With the permit pulled we will have a side pot buddy weight prize pool for those willing to enter....or just bring the kids for some fun...!


(but make sure you stop by to register before fishing...thanks!)

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