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CAG Membership Drive - Winners!


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Here are the Prize Winners from our 2019 CAG Membership Drive!

Mike Ratcliff Jr. Deeper Pro + Package
JPHcarpangler Linear Bait Package
Paul Russell RidgeMonkey Headlamp
Chris Hall RidgeMonkey Headlamp
(CO) JohnFinney RidgeMonkey Headlamp
Damn Yankee Top Baiter Package
Joseph Venable CAG Mirror Mug
(TN) Cannonball CAG Common Mug
(MO) MOCarper CAG Mirror Mug
Travis Carr CAG Common Mug

Congratulations and thank you to ALL our members for supporting CAG.

Important! The winners should email me with their current mailing address so that we can get the prizes shipped out ASAP: email: anglingsolutions@gmail.com 

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17 hours ago, (MO) MOCarper said:

Hey Iain!

      your email says "can't receive emails".................FYI..............  MO

I just tested it and it works fine...

Anyone else having difficulty?

Copy also to: CAGSTAFF@carpanglersgroup.com

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