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  1. Hey ya!!

          Tried to register for FALL CAG BIG FOUR but states there's an error. I renewed membership (expired Sept 13) but still doesn't allow registration. Can you take a look? Thanks!!



    1. (MO) MOCarper

      (MO) MOCarper

      ok all in!- wheres the logo? :)

  2. Good thought!! Happy New Year All!!!!! Good carpin this year!! MO
  3. Awwww- that's rough. Kansas City is locked down, but outdoor activities are ok such as fishing, visiting parks, etc as long as you keep social distancing. Went fishing yesterday and caught my first 2 for the CAG..... yes- please transfer my funds to the fall and enter me into the raffle! Sorry we couldn't do this!....... MO
  4. Not to lessen the severity or impact of all of our situations, and I hope none of you or your relatives get ill from the current outbreak, but I found a potential silver-lining with all this mess- we need some levity! THE CARP ANGLERS SHOULD TAKE CREDIT FOR INVENTING AND SUGGESTING SOCIAL DISTANCING!!!- ITS CALLED "PEGS" AND i WOULD IMAGINE IT IS VERY EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID 19!!!! Go forth and fish!!!!, but keep away from each other MO PS- I understand if webmasters remove this post- no offense taken.....
  5. Well done!- always impressed with Dean as a top carp angler and the quality of the NACA!- Congratulations! MO
  6. Excellent!!- I used to make my own boilies, and would like to get back to that, or using it more often- when are the other 2 parts available?..thanks again for all you've done for CAG Iain!!
  7. Hey Ian I renewed, then registered, but I don't see my name on the board. I am at conference this week and can't fish till next week.....can you check for me? thanks! MO
  8. ok -same as before; 193 NE Beechwood Court Lees Summit, MO 64064 Thanks!
  9. Hey Iain! your email says "can't receive emails".................FYI.............. MO
  10. VERY WELL DONE ALL!!!!!..........always look forward to each issue!!!.........................MO
  11. I'd say happy memorial day like everyone else-its a vacation day, start of summer, etc. BUT, we should take at least a somber moment to remember those who have allowed us the freedom to fish for carp, decide where and how to live and be the greatest country on the planet!!!!!.........so, simply, Memorial Day-thank you for serving!!!......... MO
  12. Very well done! Thanks to everyone who put this quality edition together and all the article authors!!- I learn so much from all of you!!
  13. Ditto to you and yours!!!!!.........goin tomorrow if it doesn't rain!!.....
  14. May/June spawn, but I've found it at times frustrating as spawnin carp ignore food for longer stretches........
  15. Hi ian Ive asked nathan and wilhelm to load my sons fish, as the leaderboard usnt allowing it- he caught one monday and tonight- we placed them on the post your pictures here forum- his name is on the leaderboard.... thanks a bunch!... kirk
  16. Sent mine with a personal note as well................good luck!........CAG needs a more solid footing and stronger voice-we will be over-run with the money and politics of bowhunting, culling, mis-information, etc. across the U.S.......................
  17. Easy......don't have Facebook......I don't...it does maybe cause a few issues, but prevents more!.......
  18. Hi all! I have a simple request; can ya'll send me a photo, with a weight and length, of any common carp you catch with fan-shaped/branched barbels?....I have now caught 5, all from the same location so far and I am trying to see if this is a step-up in evolution of carp barbels-branching to gain surface area and increase success of finding food-maybe pressure from less food in the waterway?...anyway-just seein if anyone out there has caught carp with similar barbels-appreciate any help!!......MO Carper..........
  19. Hi,

    I am a brand new member of CAG; just started carp fishing the end of June and have been very successful. I have started assembling the equipment (proper net, unhooking matt, sling, etc. and tying my own hair rigs. I noted some contests sponsored by CAG, but don't see registration for a Fall 2016 Big 4 CAG event- is there one? I may submit a discovery month article, but Im not familiar with all the proper terms used, i.e. what is a "swim", a "run", etc......I can be a big promoter of CAG; I am very impressed with the level of expertise, care and professionalism demonstrated by the members. Any additional information you can provide would be appreciated!....thanks!   Kirk

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    2. Brookesy


      Discovery Month is free. Just go out and fish a new area (a swim is a fishing 'spot', honey hole, whatever phrase you prefer) and then write about your experiences. Post the write-up in the Discovery Month section and we then vote on them after the contest finishes.

      CAG Fall Big 4 commences on October 1st and I'll have all of the registration details and links posted a day or so before. It runs Oct. 1st to Nov, 15th so plenty of time to get out and catch.

      Welcome to CAG and good luck.


    3. (MO) MOCarper

      (MO) MOCarper

      Thank you all!- what a first class organization!!...The welcome packet, including a first-class magazine is impressive!.The care afforded the landing, weighing and returning the fish to the water is truly impressive; (and thanks Willem for the tips!). I have implemented those methods in my pursuits.....While I am a consummate angler of all species, I have to say a creek-caught carp is the hardest fighting fish I have encountered (and that's up against pike, musky, bowfin, ocean bluefish, stripers, and even lake-caught carp like my avatar!....That one was 38" and 22lbs, but this one caught from a creek last week was 30" and 16lbs and took longer to land!!....what a fish!..I look forward to learning from you all, refining my techniques and entering the contests!!.... please let me know how I can help the organization!-it doesn't appear there are many carp fisherpeople here in Kansas City-is there a list somewhere?...sorry for all the questions, just youthful enthusiasm!!...(and somehow can't get the pics to line up correctly in the post... :(.....


    4. (MO) MOCarper

      (MO) MOCarper

      Ok......so I looked at the CAG registration and my Adobe acrobat says the leadershipboard. com isn't supported and will not download......how do I register for the CAG big 4 then?............thanks!!      Kirk

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