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Creel Limit On Carp In NY?

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We can help with this,  and it would certainly be our best interest,  by taking ten minutes and writing a letter.  Especially all you New York people.






To all anglers that have noticed a decline in carp or the size of the carp in The Seneca River due to either tanking, bow fishing or over fishing (and not releasing) Assemblyman Barclay is asking you to please write a letter to his office so he can present it to the DEC. The DEC are pushing back on having a creel limit on carp in trophy waters in NYS and if we can get as many letters as possible written, Will Barclay's office is hoping this will help. This is what they said. "If you and any anglers would like to write letters, you can send them to our office. Will can share sentiments from those in further discussions. Tell them Personal accounts go a long way."

The address is Assemblyman Will Barclay

200 North Second St.

Fulton NY 13069

Once you write the letter, can you please post 'Done' in the comments below so we know a letter has been sent? And please share with your friends. Thank you!!!!

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