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  3. Hey Jerome

    I am a passionate British carp angler and now live in Boston.  I have been catching a few carp on The River Charles incl. two over 20lbs this year but keen to find some new spots to explore - any advice?

  4. Got some in red. Needing to use them as cutting back on the stuff I carry to the bank for fishing.
  5. For rod ties we found these velcro straps at Lowes. They work so well and are easy to use.
  6. Cool clip. Good ole American carpin'...... I joined CARPS for a short time to fish one of their derbies as part of a CAG weekend in OH back in the early days of the CAG. https://youtu.be/ZDMuR8XG5_s
  7. Due to a few twists of fate, I find myself in Kingston Ontario for the foreseeable future. I'm wondering if there is anybody familiar with the local area that might have any information they may wish to share. I've heard stories of big carp in the St Lawrence but finding any specific info is difficult. Now that we've had a few nice sunny days, I'm thinking the big fish will be starting to get a little hungry... Take care and happy fishing!
  8. Lil Bird, I remember Jerry and the barber walking along the Olentangy River with Jerry's weinie dog having a good time, skipping ahead of the guys. I recall that, at the time, that someone would actually fish for carp. Will look at the link. Thanks. Our farm is gone; was on the SE corner of US 23 and OH 665. The dairy was on my uncle's farm which is now horse barns for the racetrack.
  9. What is the bead you speak of? I used a yellow crow bead (crafting bead), available in Wally's craft isle. There are three main types of beads: Seed beads, which are the tiny ones for work on a loom, pony beads, and the crow beads which are the largest. Just about the size of a large kernel of corn.
  10. I’ve blanked four times this year but I’m getting closer to catching a carp...I can feel it🤓I’ve been trying Creek mouths into the Mississippi River, bit of a drive but I’m going to get one soon. What is the bead you speak of?
  11. Awhile back Savayman posted that elastic hair bands make a great keeper for taken down rods. I posted back that I use rubber bands and they work just fine. Recently I spotted a hair band in Wally's parking lot, and, remembering the post, picked it up, and tried it on a rod. Yup, they work better than rubber bands and now I have them on all my rods. The second kudo also goes to Savayman on the using of plastic beads as pick-ups when using pack. As of today I am a believer. This spring has been somewhat of a disaster for me as far as fishing goes. Usually May turns into a very productive month, but blank has been the name of my game this May. Like the last thirteen sessions have been blanks. And it's not like I haven't been getting out. With this Covid thing going on (and on) I haven't been working, and if it wasn't raining, I was fishing. Taking up space on the bank is more like it. It was so frustrating that when my 'never fail' baits, swims, and rigs all dismally failed, I went through the CAG baits and methods sections to get new stuff to try. Same results! This morning was a sunny beautiful one, and I wound up down on the Hudson for a change of pace. I've been concentrating on the shorelines of the Mohawk River because in a couple more weeks they will start being choked shut by water chestnuts. And those shorelines usually turn out a lot of nice carp right now. What is happening there this year is beyond me. Anyway, the first thing I noticed that was different today was I caught a fish. Then, shortly after that, I caught another one. Wow! This is fun again. So my strawberry pack was working to perfection with the fish coming in pretty regularly, and I toyed with the idea of trying Savayman's recommendation of using a plastic bead as a pick-up. I was using two kernels of sweet corn, like I always do, and I really didn't want to interrupt 'my bite' with a plastic bead, but figured this would be the perfect time to see if it really worked, as the fish were there and cooperating. So, with reservations I switched to a hair with a yellow plastic crow bead. I'd give it a little while, then go back to the sweet corn. Well, the 'little while' turned into four minutes and I had an 18lb - 3oz carp coming in to the net. And I kept catching until I ran out of pack. The cats like the crow bead too. I am sold on the bead idea: It sure beats the time consuming rebaiting with corn all the time. Oh yeah; one more thing. Earlier this year I bought a new Wychwood rod on here from buckeyeman, and outfitted it with a new Okuma baitrunner. Today was the first time I used the rod, and that was the rod I was catching on. Now I know that had nothing to do with finally breaking my nasty blanking streak, as I am not at all superstitious, but hey, you never know.............
  12. Hey, thanks for remembering us old carpers. The "ancients" I guess you would now call us. You guys have the memories, but the facts are not there. Here is a link to the Jerry McKinnis episode. Mitch (Slim) Tucker was awesome in that episode. He didn't crack a smile and everything was serious. In reality, however, there was nothing serious about our C.A.R.P.S. derbies..........they were a friggin blast as they were meant to be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDMuR8XG5_s
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  14. If you like the video please hit that like and subscribe button it really goes a long way and its free to do. Thanks for watching.
  15. Came up with a little panko syrup pack bait recipe. Hope you guys enjoy. If you could show some love towards a fellow cag member by hitting that subscribe button Id greatly appreciate it.
  16. Dovetail Games is a long time supporter of CAG. If you enjoy gaming or need to test your fishing skills away from the water then check out their new fishing game! Coming Summer 2020 is The Catch: Carp & Coarse - a species hunting fishing game from Dovetail Games, about the passion and pursuit of what lurks beneath the waters. Take on the hunt of a lifetime as you target and pursue monster sized fish around the world. With 35 species to hunt you’ll have to work up your strategy, skill and tactics to catch every boss fish in each venue. It’ll take both patience and adrenaline to succeed as you choose your angling spot carefully based on time of day, weather conditions and perfect equipment setup, before casting out into the water to battle and catch these elusive creatures. ‘There is no better feeling in fishing than catching the legendary beast of the lake and that is what we’ve replicated in this game. We have taken carp and coarse fishing to the next level - so it’s all about the catch!’ said Darren Potter, Executive Producer for the game. It’s time to go fishing somewhere new! Feel the thrill as your line tightens and the bend in the rod tells you that you’ve hooked a monster. Go hunt for the fish of a lifetime in The Catch: Carp & Coarse. www.thecatchgame.com Key features include: GO SPECIES HUNTING 35 different species of realistically captured fish with their own unique behaviour and bait preferences await you. Every tactic and piece of equipment will be needed to catch them all as you go from float fishing for species such as rudd, ide and bream to using lures for trout, salmon and pike. You can also fish for rare species such as pacu, mekong and redtail catfish. LAND THE BOSS FISH There are 125 legendary Boss Fish for you to catch including 11 Monster Boss Fish – the hardest fish to catch in the game. These named fish put up a huge fight and only the best will be able to locate and land them all. WORLD DESTINATIONS Featuring 5 unique destinations that all present their own challenges. Oxlease Lake on the Linear Fisheries complex is a specimen carp water with some great back up species including tench and roach. The River Ebro is home to huge wels catfish and Pearl Lake in Malaysia features exotic monsters such as arapaima and giant wolf fish. Go urban street fishing in Rotterdam city centre or explore the openness of Loch Mickle in Scotland that both contain predators such as pike and zander. ADVANCED WATER FLOW Advanced water flow will affect your fishing whether that’s from the bank or in a boat. Keep an eye on your float drifting downstream or your boat moving off the prime spot that you have identified. ALL THE GEAR, ALL THE IDEAS 100’s of items of equipment from over 20 licensed partners including RidgeMonkey and Mainline Baits. Create different set ups to cover all situations and use some of your favourite real-world equipment from the biggest manufactures in the industry. BATTLE IT OUT Multiplayer and tournaments will feed your competitive streak as you take part in a series of events that form the Dovetail Fishing League. There are some fantastic real-world prizes up for grabs if you come out on top! EXCLUSIVE REWARDS A unique set of challenges will test you even further - complete them and unlock exclusive rewards only available through the in-game mastery system. The Catch: Carp & Coarse launches Summer 2020, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Please contact us at Dovetail@LickPR.com for more information.
  17. 20lb mono main line with 30lb braid hook link. I fish it in all kinds of situations. After about 50 fish caught the mono gets worn and stripped, time to change it, time on the spool plays a role too as it sits in the sun and through different weather. Braid doesn't get weathered as fast as mono.
  18. I use 30 lb braid. Works well for me.
  19. My local venue has common carp and SM buffs. They are caught on the same rigs, whether a hair rig or feeder cage setup. Recently, a friend fished there and caught 15 buffs to one carp. Later this year, it will be the reverse. Hard to separate them if they are both in the same place, IMHO. It was discovered that buffs are very light on the baits. Line movement is a straighten-tighten-slack without setting off an alarm. Rarely will one take off and set the alarm screaming. As a result, we set the hook when the line straightens. Our hookup rate went up tremendously. We don't care if it's a buff or carp, they are fun to catch and more funner to release to grow.😁
  20. I started fishing for buffalo in nc and sc long before targeting carp. Do I catch carp targeting buffalo? Of course I do since they are both in the sucker family even though they are distant relatives. Do I catch buffs when targeting carp? Yes I sure do but I catch more of whichever I target 90% of the time. I do use the same rig for both with the only exception being I use smaller weights for buffalo unless I'm fishing a current or further than 100 yards. I use a number 6 wide bend by eagle claw. I've tried every hook imaginable and to catch a buffalo intentionally I have found no better. I do occassionally go up or down one size. I always use a 4 inch hook leader attached to a barrel swivel and a sliding sinker for both carp and buffalo unless I fish a heavy current and will occasionally use a bolt rig. In calm waters I use an 1/8 oz egg sinker or 1/4 oz. In wind I go to a 3/8 oz and occasionally a 1/2 but if it's that windy the buffalo catch themselves instead of me jerking on the bite. Yes those are small weights but very effective for being able to see every bite and allows your jerk to move the hook as quickly as possible. This is especially important if you are wanting to catch them instead of them catching themselves. I've caught some nice buffalo (I prefer smallmouth since they are the bigger of the 3 buffalo and tend to eat baits you could or would use for carp more so than the big mouth and black buffalo) in my years of fishing. My top 3 are 80.1, 72.6, and 70.1. I couldn't begin to count the number of 50s and 60s. All these came from the wild waters of the Carolinas. Of course I've caught a ton in paylakes as well but they do not survive long in paylakes once they exceed the 45 lb mark. Most paylakes tend to now stock them up to 40 ponds with the majority under 30. As far as baits in the wild waters mine rank from 1st to last as soybean meal, grits or ground corn, and bread but in catfish plenty waters bread is hopeless. The catfish eat the other 2 I mentioned but bread even more so. I use mainly pack bait unless I'm in turbid waters. I generally use corn puffs cut in half with anise oil, cinnamon oil, or spearmint. The half puff goes on the hook and the pack bait goes around it. As far as flavors for my packbait you honestly do not need any in the wild. I catch as many on plain as I do on strong scents. I always hear others say buffs like fermented bait best but I have not found this to be true. I tend to catch more catfish when my bait ferments. I try to fish in the 12 to 18 ft range through spring and fall but close to 30 ft in summer and winter. Buffalo seem to suck on the bait until they feel tension. For that reason I fish a very slack line and will occasionally pick my rod up.and give it more slack to increase the hold time before setting the hook. I usually set the hook with a baseball type swing that sounds like a whip. Others use what's been called a slap jerk which I can do but I hook more with my altered baseball swing. You definitely can not be afraid to miss. If you are not missing more than you are hooking then you are not jerking enough. This is an old thread so I wont make it any longer than it already is but I hope I helped someone. Tight lines! JJ To God be the glory!!
  21. I saw the first sign of spawning (splashing & chasing) of carp today in a backwater of the Mohawk River in very shallow water. There were three or four groups of carp churning the water up pretty good. There were several big snappers moving around in there also. I haven't seen any surface activity by the carp out on the main river yet, including leaping or shouldering, which is unusual. The carp fishing is still slow to nonexistent, depending on the day, even though the water temp is in the mid to high 50's. At least the cats are starting to bite consistently, but I don't know if that's a blessing or not. We've got a forecast of possible snow for tonight and cold tomorrow, so tomorrow won't be a stellar day to be out fishing.
  22. There is evidence that carp will eat, chew & vent tiger nuts & other particles and then come back and repeat the process on the previously chewed remains. This makes sense as carp have no stomach to hold and digest food in the same way as other fish so repeatedly eating the same food suggests this might maximize the amount of nutrients that can be extracted. Carp can also crunch up molluscs such as zebra mussels with relative ease so soaked but un-boilied corn should be no issue.
  23. I found this interesting by English author Fred J. Taylor: ‘I took a visit to the USA before I began to associate the ghastly smell of soaked corn (maize) with the fantastic carp taken over there. Out in the hot sun great barrels of maize were left to ferment and after a few days began to smell to high heaven. So much so that handling the stuff (and everyone who passed by the barrel would take a handful and toss it into the lake) necessitated a scrub up with carbolic soap or disinfectant. That smell hung around for hours after the barrel had been disturbed, but there’s no doubt at all that the carp loved it and were attracted to it. 'This was light yellow field corn, similar to what we now call sweetcorn on the cob, but it remained fairly hard even after soaking.'
  24. It would be nice to see a scientific study that proves that unboiled maize is detrimental to carp health. I was under the impression that the crusher teeth deep in a carp's throat could deal effectively with hard food items. Bernie Haines, fishing and guiding on the St Lawrence, used to chum copious amounts of soaked, but not boiled, maize; I was witness to that and Bernie didn't seem to be bothered at all by chumming unboiled maize.
  25. The day I posted about boiling corn was a rainy, cold, do-nothing-day and I spent part of the afternoon going from one carp site/forum to another trying to learn something. Of course the site that had the article that inspired my post can't be relocated. But the following link is typical of several sites that warn of unboiled maize being potentially dangerous to carp. Also, if you google up "Preparing Tiger Nuts", you will some of those sites saying the same thing about tiger nuts. https://alcoveanglingclub.forumotion.net/t12-do-it-yourself-maize
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