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NACA – North American Carp Angler. The official publication of the Carp Anglers Group. 

It contains news of recent and upcoming CAG events such as the Big 4, Discovery Week and the FFF along with articles, stories and helpful tips & ideas from top anglers.

The NACA is available in an online format for everyone to read on ISSU.

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The Carp Anglers Group has a dedicated Facebook Group with over 5,000 members. Our group members are from all over the world and include both those new to the sport as well as seasoned carp anglers. 

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The FORUMS have been running for around 25 years!

In the public area you will find:
– Public announcements
– CAG Contacts
– CAG Programs
– Beginning Carping
– Picures, Stories & Video
and much more!

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Our Instagram feed is filled with carpy photographs from across North America.

If you would like to be included in our feed, please send us a message via Instagram or

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