The A-Z of CAG Supporters & Advertisers


Discover more about your swim with a Deeper Castable Sonar.

Deeper Sonars use a Wi-Fi connection to pair with your smartphone or tablet. This gives a powerful, stable wireless connection and the best casting range of any castable fish finder (Deepers work like a Wi-Fi hotspot – you don’t need an internet or mobile network connection).

Big Carp Tackle

Largest Supplier of Carp Tackle in the USA.

Over 50 years of experience in catch and release Carp angling in the United States. 10+ years in business as your go to place for Carp specific tackle and bait in the US.


CAG sponsor based in Canada. Carp Kit’s online store is very well stocked with carp tackle and bait.

Carp Kit provides quality Carp fishing tackle to North American anglers!

Orient Rods & Tackle

Orient Rods USA is a company providing products to help keen anglers to reach their goals.

We are proud distributors of Orient Rods, Throwing Sticks, Landing Nets, Luggage, Accessories and Clothing in North America. 

‘nothing is impossible’

CARPology Magazine

CARPology: the world’s largest carp fishing media group, available both in print and online: Carpology magazine features top anglers, stories and catch reports.

The Carp Society (UK)

When formed in 1981, Carp Angling was very much in its infancy. Over the 35 years since inception, it has developed into a major branch of angling. Our organisation has needed to keep pace with the rapid and ongoing commercialisation of our sport. The primary aim was to develop and promote Carp Angling.

CAG members get exclusive access to The Carp Society’s lakes and fisheries.

Trilogy Carp Baits

Born from the idea of continuing one man’s passion and 2 young anglers dream of sharing the wonderful sport of carp fishing with other anglers. Our baits will be for those anglers that strive to catch bigger and better fish every time they go out, whether it’s just for a day session or in a tournament setting. We are designing specialized tournament baits that have been proven for years by a select few that are now going to be released to everyone. Our authentic high quality baits are developed through an alternative method using only quality ingredients that create long lasting bait, without the need to refrigerate.

The Catch: Carp & Coarse Game 

Take on the hunt of a lifetime as you target and pursue
monster sized fish around the world. With 35 species to hunt you’ll have to work up your strategy, skill and tactics to catch every boss fish in each

Will you have the skill to successfully land a monster? Will it be that once in
a lifetime fish you’ve been searching for?

Carp Bait USA

Hand rolled quality carp baits made to order in the USA.
Quality and freshness is our main goal, most of our products are made to order and stabilized for shelf life.
Please inquire for pricing and special requests.