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  1. Woody

    Unboxing thread

    Christmas present arrived!!!!!
  2. I am writing this post as a letter if intent to offer myself up for the position of CAG Utah representative. My name is Paul and I have been living in Sandy Utah for the last 2 years. I moved with my family from the UK and intend to live out the rest of my life here in Utah. My fishing experiences started when I was around 5 years old out with my dad catching whatever I could on garden dug worms and from there on in I was literally hooked. Carp fishing has been a passion of mine since around 1978 and I have fished a large number of well known Carp meccas around the world. I would not say I was an expert by any means but have gained knowledge from many who I would class as Experts and Mentors. What I do know about our passion I like to share and give something back to the art and craft that so many shared with me. Since moving to Utah I have been trying to promote the discipline of Catch and release of our favored species and offer hints, tips and experiences to fellow fishing people on the bank side. I will continue to promote our passion/sport with the current carp anglers in the Utah area as well as offer support to anyone who would like to know more about our group. There is a healthy population of Carp anglers here in Utah and a lot more who see us as Alien beings but with education and participation I am sure more will see what great fun can be had consciously fishing for the wily Carp. Whatever the outcome of this letter of intent I will still continue to promote our passion and tight lines everyone. Best wishes Woody
  3. Woody

    UK Expat in Utah

    Hi folks, I see that there are a couple of Carpists here in Utah. Let's catch up and catch some big ole kippers. Tight Lines Woody
  4. Woody

    Still carping in Utah

    Hi Folks Not long moved to Sandy in Utah from the UK. Spent many a weekend and week fishing for Carp as a younger man. Now it is time to take it back up again. I'll be that strange guy with a strange accent fishing for on of the hardest fighting freshwater fish out there. All the best and tight lines Woody