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  1. Jr is married and made me 3 grandkids and the youngest is still at home but out of school and working. They havn't fished much either but we're planning on getting out together more this year.
  2. Good to be back. Took a couple years off from burn out but ready to hit it hard this year. Take care
  3. Hello. I let my membership lapse a few years ago and just rejoined today. I was a long time member and would like to know if I could use my old account. I was known as "The Carpinator". Thx for the help.
  4. The lighting fast delivery is what keeps me coming back. Order on Wedsnday and your ready for the weekend. I just wish he had some more Mistrals...in all flavors.
  5. Rod....bring me 2 and maybe you and John will get a productive peg at the Invitaional...
  6. Yes....the arrowhead mills brand. I use Kelloogs Corn Pops alot but prefer the puffs for wild carping. Ill give the sugar smacks a try though.
  7. Only one complaint Tim....how about carrying corn puffs? They are hard to find in some states. I have yet to find them in Indiana.
  8. All the good looking paylakers have went euro.......
  9. El Dorkio the Blankio...... Yeah Right!!!! Man....the only reason you're going with Gilley is cuz I can't. Betch next year you'll be where I'll be this year. Watching from the sidelines. Only difference is Gils got a chance at winning next year.
  10. When you look past the end of your nose I think you see a dark crevice with a wierd smell. Yes, that right, that echo you hear when you talk is the echo coming from your butt, because that is where your head is. Philly I've got $20 in my pocket that says you don't have the stones to say that to his face should you ever meet him. Small World this carp game you know! Karl Great Post! Really advances the CAG objectives and makes the forum a better place! Way to Go! Likewise Pat!!! Do you mean the initial dig by Matt, or the reply by Chris or my bit?? Or are you just referring to all of them, if so then the word you bshould have used was posts (plural!) Karl I think all of ya suck. Especially paylakers. (J/K)
  11. I've only been out once man! Cut me some slack. I don't get to globetrot like you have this year so far. Maybe you can stop in Indy on yer way to Texas and pick me up. I just need ya to buy the gas, food, hotel bill, fishing licsense and give me a weeks pay that I'll miss.
  12. "I never said paylakers wont do well..." Yes ya did...see above.. Hey Man.....Don't be messing with the quote box! At least they're not "portly". (j/k)
  13. I'm done with this thread guys. I never said paylakers wont do well. I said that in my opinion I dont think pack and pickups will do well at this particular venue. That just how I feel. If everybody wants to make it look like something it was'nt...I really don't care. Ive caught fish upto 29lbs on a piece of yellow plastic but I would most deffinatly bring what the locals are using to any place I've never fished before.
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