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  1. 12 lb Berkley Big game in the dark green and any 15lb braid for my hooklink that's not coated. (hate it)
  2. Its best when starting out to use simple baits. Both recipes given can be bought at any grocery,(except for soybean meal which can be bought at any feed store for around $15 for a 50lb bag) require no cooking or soaking and have caught me 1000s of fish. From flippers to my P.B. Another thing you can try is just smash a piece of bread around your lead and dip your hookbait (1 popup corn and 3-4 kernals sweet corn) in any of these.... Butter Nut Vanilla (Superior brand) Caramel ice cream topping mustard bbq sauce any kind of paste from an Asian grocery duck poop Mt dew Tobacco juice etc etc etc....
  3. 3 pieces of sweet corn with a plastic popup piece on the bottom of the hair. Dip that in some caramel ice cream topping and pack a ball of pack around it. Than dip the ball in a jar of caramel. Hold on. Fruity soybean pack 7 cups soybean meal 1 1/2 cups flour 1 5oz box cherry jello 1 1/2 cups fruity pebbles (do not crush) 1 can cream corn 1 small jar of cherry preserves (optional) 1 can of sweet corn without the juice Always mix all dry ingredients first except for Pebbles Dump in all wet ingredients and mis well Then add the fruity pebbles softly without crushing them Add sweet corn kernals softly also trying not to crush them 18 ozs instant grits 9oz quick grits or a 1/3 of those little canisters 1 can cream corn no flavor....just dip it in the caramel Your welcome.
  4. Its always great fishing with Gilbert when a curious passerby asked what we are fishing for.
  5. Jr is married and made me 3 grandkids and the youngest is still at home but out of school and working. They havn't fished much either but we're planning on getting out together more this year.
  6. Good to be back. Took a couple years off from burn out but ready to hit it hard this year. Take care
  7. Hello. I let my membership lapse a few years ago and just rejoined today. I was a long time member and would like to know if I could use my old account. I was known as "The Carpinator". Thx for the help.
  8. Had a great time last time I went. Wish I could make it again. Heres my youngest with his p.b.
  9. Charley and James have been fishing with me whenever and wherever I go for the last 6 years. At first it was tough. They had little or no patience. They wanted to constantly recast, rebait, play in the dirt, throw rocks in the water.....But I knew the importance of having a hobby you enjoy, something you can always look forward to do when you have the time. They last 2 years they have really become true anglers. They no longer need me to bait their hooks, unhook or net fish, take pictures, weigh, tie on new rigs. They have become totally self sufficiant. Now that Charley Jr is 16 his boundries have increased quite abit. James is only 13 but is allowed to go with his brother most of the time since he can keep an eye on him. This week while I was at work...unknown to me they have been taking my old ugly stick paylake rods, a little net, a bucket with whatever bait and tackle they need and fishing a bunch of retention ponds and little creeks around the neibourhood. I can't tell ya how proud of them I am that they are carrying on with the things I taught them to love. Heres a few pics from the last couple weeks. I hope you enjoy them and if you get a chance, take a kid fishing and leave a legacy. James Charley Jr. Charley and friend Drake with a double Their friend Jeffery with a fully scaled
  10. Actually I've had my best days at T.C. when the weather was cold/snowy/windy. Just hard to put up with. Only place for a carp right now in Indiana though.
  11. I agree Keith, its just like all the whiners at the WCC on the St. Larry.
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