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    Any type of fishing, saltwater and fresh, Writing and photography work....member of New England Outdoor Writer's Association, professional ski instructor, Enjoy bike riding and exercising.

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  1. CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    Nice job to all who entered. And, a big thanks to Jerome for running this. Without his effort there would have been no Fall Big 4.
  2. FFF 2018 - Contest Categories and Prizes

    Wow, so organized. This should be THE model for all our tournaments. Nice job setting this up, Frank.
  3. You guys are a hardy bunch! Great try. Seems like that severe, all of a sudden cold has shut things down in New England. Nice photos.
  4. Epic Vacation Session!

    Wow, this kid can fish! Congrats on some GREAT fish. You could do some real damage in our Big 4 Tournament!
  5. CAG Big 4 Prizes - Fall 2017

    Sorry, but I am goling to disagree with this breakdown. Years ago the BOD decided to allocate funds for the Big 4 in terms of prizes (gift certificates) for places 1-10. That has been the case for the last couple of years in the Spring and Fall Big 4's. The idea was to get more participation and offer more prizes. The chart is way too heavily weighted toward the 1st place end. The Big 6 also has no place here. It is a "Big 4" contest. My guess is that the winner of the Big 4 would also be the wnner of the Big 6.
  6. BIG 4 Fall 2017 - Bragging Thread

    I've been finding some decent success fishing after dark, something I seem to do more and more of as it gets dark earlier and earlier. Here are the two biggest from the last couple of nights at 21 ande 19 lbs. Hope to get some bigger than this in the coming weeks. Man, always tough to get a good night photo.
  7. 2017 - Dave Pickering

    I want to thank CAG for this honor. It came as a complete surprise. I know there are many other hard working volunteers in this organization that are equally deserving of such an award. Looking back at past winners, I feel honored to be included in such a group of special people whose passion is carp fishing. Thanks again.
  8. CAG Big 4 Rules - Fall 2017

    I don't believe the leaderboard is set up yet.
  9. Self Photos with Your Smartphone

    Ah, technology....it can be a beautiful thing when it all works right. Nice photos!
  10. Most carp fishermen have to learn the art of taking a self photo. You’re alone the bank alone and you catch a good size fish, and you want to get a photo of you holding the fish. How do you do it? The “old” way I used to do it was with a camera. I had a Canon compact camera and I set the timer for the shutter and the number of shots. Then I pressed the shutter button and ran into the camera’s view with the fish while the self timer clicked away. I now generally have a better and more convenient way to get the photo with my smartphone. I should mention that I do not have an expensive smartphone. It is a recently purchased LG Aristo phone that I bought for $100 on sale. But, it has some phenomenal features when it comes to taking pictures. It also takes 13 megapixel photos. The most important feature is something called voice shutter. It’s in the settings and I keep it turned on. This eliminates any self timer. You get into the picture and simply say “smile” or “cheese” and it snaps the picture when you say so. I will hold the fish at different angles and direct the phone when to take the photos. In addition, my phone has photo editing capabilities. I can rotate the photo, crop it, enhance it, etc. right in the phone. It’s a photo editing program built into the phone. Amazing! Here’s what else you need for those self photos with the phone. You will need some type of holder. You could use a tripod, but I prefer to use a bankstick with a mount called a Gardner camera angle (screws into the bankstick). The cell phone will not screw into my camera mount as a camera does so I purchased an adapter called a Vastar Universal Tripod Adapter Cell Phone Holder. This ingenious little tool is a cell phone holder that screws into the Gardner camera angle, and it is adjustable for your size cell phone. I got it at Amazon for about 8 bucks. A real buy! So that’s it. Take a look at the photo I have for an example. All done very easily and conveniently with my smartphone!
  11. Are Rod Pods Worth it?

    Depends...I have a great pod set up but rarely use it. I only use it for hard ground or docks and piers where I can't stick in a bank stick. I like the versatility of moving the rods around with bank sticks. It allows me to spread out the rods while with a pod you have to keep everything together. Is the pod set up worth the $500. Only you have to decide. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Fantastic new swim!!, great afternoon!!

    Nice going, Kirk. Thanks for posting. I, too, love finding new locations.
  13. Iain, Thank you for imforming us about this very important proposal to make the CT River trophy carp waters. And, thank you so much for working on this. Everyone in this group should consider supporting this proposal because this could open the door for other states to do the same thing. This could be a landmark proposal that could impact all of us. I sent off a letter to Mr. Foreman. Here is a copy of that letter: Dear Sir, I would like to comment on your proposal #9 which makes the CT River "Trophy Carp Waters". I wholeheartedly support this proposal. While I am a RI resident, I do purchase a CT freshwater fishing license every year just to fish the CT River for carp. The CT River is a world class carp fishing water and passing that proposal would keep it that way. It would also preserve the large trophy fish that so many anglers pursue. I also see this as an economic issue. Many fishermen from NE, the US and even from overseas go to the CT River every year to sample its outstanding carp fishing. These people purchase licenses, buy equipment, stay at hotels and spend money on gas and food. Passing this proposal would assure that this continues. Carp fishing, like every other fishery, can have a fragile future. Yes, they can get fished out with increased pressure. Right now, the river offers the best carp fishing in New England and protecting that fishery will only assure that it will continue to be that way. So, please consider my comments and hopefully pass this important proposal. Dave Pickering
  14. New naca

    It is very well put together. Kudos to Edwin for making this a very professional magazine, and this is his FIRST time at it. Great. great job!
  15. NIce going, guys. You guys always run successful fish-ins.