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  1. I'm excited for you all being able to use three rods. Just remember, it's OK to fish less than the three rods when the bite is really hot! You and your team having simultaneous triples can get complex. May you and your buddies have a hot enough bite to experience this problem.
  2. It's hard to tell. There are times where turtles will pop their head out to grab the bait. If I think that is a possibility, I'll put my finger on the line and try to see what the bite feels like. Now that is more from my catfishing time where snapping turtles will grab and drop the bait. They would even hold the bait and swim away, but not get hooked because of the tough mouths. One night we ended up with 3 or 4 different snapping turtles, were several runs seemed like channel catfish takes, but were the same dang turtles.
  3. When Pennsylvania took feedback, I tried to get as many carp anglers as I could to write in. As far as I can tell, all the comments were simply ignored. So from kids using nightcrawlers for sunfish, to carp anglers with full fish care, if you get the wrong officer in the Tidal Delaware Estuary, you might have issues. Just be careful you don't end up with this rule: ● ATTENTION: Non-offset (inline) circle hooks are required when fishing with bait for any species of fish in the Tidal Delaware Estuary including tributaries from the mouths of the tributaries upstream to the limit of th
  4. Nice looking fish. Enjoy the time on the water.
  5. @Jaysmooth I've tried, but it really seems to crumble for me. The best luck I had making balls was to take sweet feed and drown it in feed grade molasses and let it soak for a week or so. Ever morning and evening I would flip the bucket over to keep the non-absorbed molasses running through the feed. After the week I could make some very sticky balls. They just didn't fly well and often broke apart. Perhaps others will have a trick. I use sweet feed in several ways right now. I spod it out dry, use it in my pva stick mix, or I mix it into my boiled field corn. When I am going t
  6. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra October 2nd Milford, PA James Leiser (Pictured) (Photo by Boyan Djordjevic, son of CAG member Kosta Djordjevic) "Pikachu Energize" Quite an exciting night this evening when a Southern Flying Squirrel flew (fell) right smack dab into the swim and chose my rods to evaluate his surroundings before picking an egress.
  7. According to PA Fish and Boat, the Lehigh holds good number: https://www.fishandboat.com/Locate/BestFishingWaters/Pages/CommonCarp.aspx It looks like there are some parks with access right in Easton. I don't have any first hand knowledge, but hope this helps. I'm not sure what trouble you're having with the railroad. First I would say to try and talk with them. The Delaware is a Navigable River so you may want to talk with your NJ Wildlife Officers and get clarity on the riparian rights. Or look into the D&L trail on the Pennsylvania side to get you to the same stretch of w
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