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  1. I phone 6sp October 3 2020 David Dakin Springfield Massachusetts
  2. I phone6sp October 3 2020 David Dakin Springfield Massachusetts Mid fight with a rather large carp.
  3. Will there be a fall Big 4?
  4. Nice work my friend!!! I see you out there putting in some hardcore time. A true carper indeed!
  5. I want to say huge props to Kody Clayton and Sean Clayton. Congratulations to you both. Very impressed spring season and very dedicated too. You’re hard work paid off. I tip my hat to you both. And you Kody a true hardcore carper for sure my friend..👍🏼
  6. I had a blast fishing the big 4 this spring!! Thank you all for the participation and most of all the competition. And a special thanks to all who put this together. I managed to get out on the last day and put up a good number of fish. This big gem clocked in at 29.00 on the nose she’s a beauty. To everyone out there in carp land keep the lines tight and the net/mat wet 👍🏼.
  7. Excellent work MO a true rugged carper for sure. Your hard work this spring put some beauty’s on the mat. You’re welcome anytime to share the bank with me here on the CT. River. Well done my friend.👍🏼
  8. Excellent looking pig there. Congrats Barry!!
  9. Nice work my friend..👍🏼. Looks like you hadn’t much need for a chair?
  10. Thanks Jerome. It’s that glad there’s an extra net handy kind of excitement we all love.
  11. Had a blast on the bank side today with my good buddy Todd Richer. As a was giving a hand landing his mid 30s beauty, I hooked into an lower 30 gem. Good times.
  12. Too late now lol. Thanks for the heads up anyway.
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