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  1. 14th Annual Carp Chilli meet 2018

    Okay carp anglers. Its coming up that time of year again of our annual pitch in carp angler chilli meeting. Saturday, February 24, 2018 at noon. Spread the word! We have carp anglers coming from all over our great states, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky. Jeff skeleton, from CAM magazine. He will be bringing long and short sleeve shirts, hoodies, hats and beenies. With CAM logo on it. Don't miss this event! At the fisherman's hall behind... Westside bait & Tackle shop. 1507 W. Vermont st. Indianapolis IN. 46222 lots of big names going to be there. *World classic baits * Team Fish Fighters *Team String Town *Jeff skeleton and Rick Slinker from, Carp anglers magazine *carp anglers group *Northern pay lakers *Indy Paylake *Ace Lakes * Hubbard's Lake *Johnny juice *Bottom Feeder baits *Carpro *Carp king * Lake Monster * One on Baits * World Classic baits * Big carp tackle and a lot more still coming. Distributors, please contact James Sanders from Team fish Fighters. Let him know if you need a booth to sell your products. Then we'll post that your coming to our chilli meet. plus were getting more sponsors to our events and great deals. come on down for drinks, chilli and good company. were even going to have a carp gear, swaps or if you just want to sell some carp gear. where going to talk about the up coming Tournament events across the great state of Indiana. Tell all your friends all about it and like always..... YEE HA!!!!!

    HOOSIER CARPERS SOCIALS EVENT 2017 Sponsored by, West Side Bait and Tackle, CAM magazine and Team Fish Fighters. Wants to think you guys and some of your team's for stepping up and making this Hoosier carpers socials event strong again. For more information; Westside Bait and Tackle. 317-636-6236 1.st place trophy and all the side bet $$$$ if they got into the side bet. (It's optional) 2.nd place trophy 3.rd place trophy Rules: 1. Free to enter the social events. 2. Side bets are welcome for biggest carp. (It's optional) 3. You can enter the event at anytime. It's free but if you want in the side bet you must pay the person. That's holding the money before you fish. Lunches will be provided at the event. The host that is running the event. Will pick up the trophies and the food from Westside Bait Tackle. 4. Also a CAM hoodie goes to the first place winner for biggest carp. Please contact Jeff skeleton from CAM Magazine the size of your hoodie. Hoosier Carpers Schedule *April 15, Lake Sylvan,. 8:am to 5:pm Hosted by, Aaron Emery *May 20,. Lake salinda, 7:am to 5:pm Hosted by, Derek Wounder June 24, Lake Pike, 8:am to 5:pm Hosted by, Aaron Emery July 22, Lake Monroe, 6:pm to 6:am Hosted by, Team Hawg Hunters Codey Lanning, Stanley Hedrick, Nick Sweazey August 18, Lake Cataract, 8:pm to 8:am Hosted by, Phil Lucas, Rob Stout September 9, Lake Raccoon, 9:am to 5:pm Hosted by, Team CarpPro, Lindsey Hudelson and Nick Bright
  3. Indiana state chair

    Your welcome and thank you.
  4. Indiana state chair

    My name is James Sanders I was born and raised here in Indiana. I was brought up in the HOOSIER CARPERS ways for 15 years. Hoosier carpers. Made me the way I am today. I run and host Westlake Tournaments once a month here in Indiana. Lot of people here calls me the hype guy. I get people going and get excited for the next coming Tournament events. I do it for the Westlake Tournament's and the Hoosier Carpers socials events. I also have a team. Called Team Fish Fighters. I am the captain of this team. I have six paylakers and six wild carpers and we do YouTube video to get the word out about carp fishing and teaching others on how to carp Fish and most of all we teach about great carp care. Past weekend, I was ask to go on stage at the Indianapolis boat sport and travel show with 3 other anglers. The segment was called. Ask the pro, on the bottom feeders. I am very interested and being a CAG chairman for the state of Indiana. Thank you and I hope to hear from you guys soon. James H. Sanders
  5. Indiana state chair

    My name is James Sanders I will like to represent Indiana for CAG, state chair. If this is okay for the Hoosier Carpers and CAG members.
  6. 2016 Hoosier Carpers Schedule

    The Hoosier Carpers 2016 schedule Hosted by, Jathon Imhousen and Aaron Emery For more information, check out our Facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/Hoosiers-Carpers-Tournament-Trial-1072648089446294/ Don't miss out on these awesome events ******************* The Hoosier Carpers 2016 schedule *March 26, 2016 Free Socials Turtle Creek res. 7:am -5:pm Contact, Jathon Imhousen *April 16, 2016 Tourney $30 St. Joe river 7:am - 5:pm Contact, Aaron Emery *May 7, 2016 Free Socials Kokomo res. 7:am - 5:pm Contact, Aaron Emery *June 18, 2016 Tourny $40 White River Invitational 7:30am-4:30pm Contact, Westside bait & tackle *July 16, 2016 Tourny $50 Ohio river Noon Saturday to noon Sunday Contact, Jathon Imhousen *August 27, 2016 Free socials Monroe res. 6:pm - 8:am Contact, Jathon Imhousen *September 10, 2016 Tourny $30 Summit lake 7:am - 5:pm Contact, Aaron Emery *October 8, 2016 Tourny $$$ The Civil War Tourny 7:am - 5:pm Contact, Jathon & Aaron
  7. Catch and Release Carp Proposal

    I like to help Where can I get started?
  8. Fish Fighters Tournament

    Thanks Bob, and you too.
  9. Fish Fighters Tournament

    Fish Fighters Tournament rules for 2015 WESTLAKE... 6000 Westlake N. Dr.Indianapolis IN 46224 Carp Tournaments ******************************* Prizes. *1st place, will receive 45% of all entry money. *2nd place, will receive 25% of all entry money. *3rd place, will receive 10% of all entry money. There well be the biggest carp mug trophy and side pot money. Entry fee $25.00 per. Person. ******************************* 1.Winners will be determined by total weight caught. 2. Only carp will count for total weight. 3. Each tournament angler will be allowed to have a net Man or runner to help with netting in handling of the fish net man may not touch the rods or reals in any fashion. 4. when you get your peg. You must fish straight ahead. please do not cross other anglers lines. Good etiquette is required. No profanity. No loud music. Must keep area clear of trash and take all trash out with you. 5.Once you caught your fish. Call the weigh master on your cell phone. The weigh master will come to your area, to weigh your fish when the weigh master is ready to weigh your fish. Then a air horn will sound off. To notify players that a fish is being weighed. Dead fish wil not be weighed. 6.Good carp care is the up most importance. All carp shall be released back into the lake. 7.Tournament director and /or weigh master will have final say on any issues that may arise. 8.You are allowed 3 poles. One hook per line. (no treble hooks.) Up to 3 poles. 9. please be there early to sign your entry waiver. Before an hour of each Tournament. There will be a peg draw 30 minutes before the tournament starts. when we pull your name out of the bucket. That angler will chose his/ her's peg around the lake. 10. Acts of cheating, violence, and blatant disregard for the tournament rules by either team member will be grounds for automatic disqualification and removal from the tournament. No refunds will be given. *11. The trophy's and prizes are paid out by the entry fees. 1.st 2.nd & 3.rd place will be receiving 80% of this money. 12. We take the entry fee 1 hour before the tournament. If your late before the peg draw. You can get the next available peg that you would want. 13. You can chum but must wait until the tournament starts. 14. This lake is a catch an release lake. Only residents that live here can fish on this property except for on tournament day. 15. If there's no carp caught at the end of the tournament see rule #7. 16. At the end of the tournament you will hear an air horn. The tournament is over. If you have a fish on before the air horn goes off. Please notify the tournament director. So we can get your carp weighed. 17. There will be award ceremony at the end of the tournament with a prizes. 18. The top 6 man shootout championship tournament. Every first place winner from each tournament will qualify to be in the top 6 man championship shoot out tournament. In October. $50 bucks to enter the tournament. The 1.st place winner will receive the half of the championship $$$$$ and gets the championship trophy. There will only be 2 qualifiers for the championship of champions. winning money will be the entry fee to that Tournament. Then those 2 Anglers will go to represent Team Fish Fighters. In November. Also if that first place winner can not make it to the six man shoot out tournament then the second place winner will take his spot or vice versa if that third place winner can't make it then that person will choose his or her own angler. *Carp Tournament April 4, 2015 12:pm-8:pm May 9, 2015 12:pm-8:pm June 20, 2015 8:pm-6:am July 11, 2015 8:pm-6:am August 15, 2015 8:pm-6:am Sept. 12, 2015 12:pm-8:pm *The top six man shoot out championship. Oct. 10, 2015 8:am-8:pm *Tournament Champion of Champions is in Nov. 2015
  10. New Director

  11. Hoosier Carpers Site Down

    Jim, has gotten rid of carp talk. He says its not wortTh paying $300 bucks a year. When not to many people are getting on it. I made a Hoosier Carpers carp talk. Group page on Facebook. So who ever wants on let me know.
  12. Amos Behanna Is Chicago Carp King 2011

    Way go Amos!!! You are the carp king!!! You brought the belt buckle to INDY. GO HOOSIER CARPERS!!!
  13. 2011 Ccc Official Results

    Thats my boy!!! Hail To the carp king!!!
  14. Hctt Event #1 Monroe Lake

    Event #1 Monroe Lake (Fairfax Recreation Area Bloomington Indiana) Saturday April. 16 (8am-6pm) Hurry and sign up!!!! Spots will go fast. Count Down in, 33 Days left. We have 7 spots left!!!!! Click here on the bottom to sign up. http://indianacarptalk.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3148&st=0&start=0
  15. Indiana Outdoor Adventures Tv Show

    This is real cool!!! GOOd Job!!!