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  1. aintnoscalesonme

    My Brother-In-Law Is Off The Shnide!

    Hooked for life!
  2. aintnoscalesonme

    Fox Ethos Rods 3Lb 12Ft

    They are nice rods.... I have a few myself.
  3. aintnoscalesonme

    The Mother Of All Ghosties

    Wow to say the least. That is a fish of a life time. 30 years ago I caught a ghost, but a mirror ghost you are a lucky man. NICE FISH!!!!
  4. aintnoscalesonme

    Canadian April Fish-In

    I guess you will be there over night to get the point... as I perdict the winning fish will come from the point. Why a competition instead of a freindly fish in. I will doante to CAG if asked to but fishins should be fun and free of sport. a teaching kind of thing. IMO
  5. aintnoscalesonme

    Switch Rod Carpin

    Yup that is a great looking fish, I love the dark around the scales, can't wait to get the fly rod out.
  6. aintnoscalesonme

    I Got A New Pb!

    Great catch..... bigger things will come..
  7. aintnoscalesonme

    Well.....what Did U Think

    Thumbs UP...
  8. aintnoscalesonme

    My Wife Made Me Take Her Fishing...

    Fish and smiles.... great combo.
  9. aintnoscalesonme

    Atts For A Tackle Tart

    Great alarms but I have 5 already.
  10. aintnoscalesonme

    Wtb Heavy Duty Session Chair

    cool as it is great chair.
  11. aintnoscalesonme

    Wtb Heavy Duty Session Chair

    I have both, the Nash is a better chair Daiwa cheaper. New world Carp. Daiwa 104.99 and the nash high back at 165.99 from Carpkit international. I won't sell mine.
  12. aintnoscalesonme

    Spring Fish In Announcement

    I might already be there...
  13. aintnoscalesonme

    2011 Canam Carp Cup

    Don't let Lorne eat any of that Deer sausage on the bank.... the WIND could be worse than you think! Sorry Lorne.............. just wanted to wish everyone All the best and needed an opening.
  14. aintnoscalesonme

    Teaser Pics

    Not been out since Aug, well you made up for it. Must be nice.... Great fish and best of luck for some more.