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  1. Ha ha, unless memory fails, the Zebco 33, Uglystick, and #4 snelled hook was what Phone used and recommended for starters and finishers alike. Just a quirk I remembered, although what he is probably known for worldwide is his White Paper. He had me adding brewer's yeast to boilies for the chitin for awhile.
  2. Thanks for all the responses. I was sad to see that Neil Stern had passed as well. Here's a memory test.. I remember that Jerome posted the first underwater video of feeding carp I ever saw, but was it Louis who purchased a live common in a grocery store and released it into the wild? I think it might have been Miguel who offered to take dodgy teenager Oddball fishing because he lived with his grandmother and had no transport. There's karma for that.
  3. Man, I don't know if I ever saw a pic of him with a fish. I think there was a photo of him posted once but can't be sure. RIP Bill.
  4. For a long time it was the people that made it great. The membership package was tempting at one time, but it was scaled back about the same time parts of the forum became exclusive. Then the Ontario carpers started their own forum and US Carp Pro took some more away. The sport was growing here and CAG was a fantastic vehicle for learners and teachers, until it changed. Back then I wanted to drive all the way to Texas and fish in the ATC. I can't point a finger at the leadership because they really wanted it to work, but the new structuring killed it. At least CAG was here for me when I was learning and I'm grateful for that. I miss Horace (and his dog Max, gone to Carphound Heaven by now), I miss Phone, and I miss seeing the pictures of monster fish Scott the Big Carphuna posted. There were lots of wonderful people whose names I can't remember. Oddball and Kyle Kypka would be middle-aged now. Does anyone remember how they fought over Bush v Kerry in 2004 before either of them were old enough to vote? There are lots of American and Canadian fishing forums but they don't have near the repository of knowledge that was once here, and they certainly won't teach the same sort of fish safety that is a big part of the sport. UK forums have foreign sections but the North American boards which used to be a bit busy have almost no traffic.
  5. I've just seen this; has there been any update?
  6. I'm surprised Fox didn't have you send it to them as soon as you told them you were having trouble with the retailer then replace it and deal with Carp Kit themselves, they've been really good to me in the past.
  7. Hello I have been on a Sask. fishing forum and there seems to be a good deal of interest in our chosen sport. You have been on this forum for almost 10 years. I think that you recognize that two of the great things that CAG offers us here in Canada is stability and diversity. As well as the attitude that all are welcome. I wanted to ask if you would like to start a CAG chapter in Sask. We have the beginnings of one in BC. Manitoba also has a pretty good interest in carp angling. Lorne Morley

    1. tinycarper


      Lorne it's Deric from Welland, the younger guy from Niagara fishing forums. I torrid to get cag membership but when i went to purchase it there is only a state and zip code option to pay by credit card. Can you send me a message about what I'm missing? Either on here our Niagara fishing forums would be appreciated. Or can i just give you thirty when i see you Sunday. Thanks.

  8. They were very good to me too, great gear and great people!
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