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  1. How do you prepare chick-peas (Garbanzo beans)?

    I do it the same way as kelticarper
  2. Another blank session at Lake Fork

    You need longer time on the bank or prebait for multiple days before fishing. Try two pieces of maize as your bait. Tigers work really well on fork as well
  3. Okuma Advent Float Rod

    Ill see what fed ex says on what shipping would be. Ill get a few pics tonight
  4. Okuma Advent Float Rod

    I am selling my 13' Okuma Advent float rod 3piece. Has sliding rings. You could pair it with a spinning or centerpin. Rod has a few scratches from use but still fishes great. $55 shipped to usa or $40 local pick up in Austin
  5. Wtb: Bait Making Stuff

    I am looking for rolling tables, sausage guns, etc. let me know what you have and what you want for it.
  6. Texas 44 Carp And Buffalo Challenge $10,000 Cash Prizes

    there will be shirts avaialble. I may possibly be able to hand deliver it to you at the ATC.
  7. Goto WCC for details
  8. WCCT 2012 schedule
  9. Peg Draw?

    not trying to stir anything but your logic is a bit flawed thinking that the pegs will fish even close to how they did in prior years when the ATC is scheduled a month earlier than it ever has been.
  10. Peg Draw?

    why fix what isnt broken? option two and three will take a long time. Imagine 3 minutes times 25 teams. that is an hour and 15 minutes to do a peg draw!
  11. Grapevine 5/22 What A Day!

    awesome session. Good work guys. I miss fishing grapevine at night in the summer.
  12. Scotts Landing Grapevine Lake!

    excellent session !!
  13. Took The Wife Fishing!

    Tell her $200 isnt enough Tell her congrats on making thru the weekend Rick
  14. New Personal Best

    very nice!!
  15. First 40! 42Lbs 2Oz

    beautiful fish, congrats