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  1. Shimano Ultegra Xtb 5500

    Price reduced $150 shipped, excellent reel in great condition Thanks for looking
  2. Shimano Ultegra Xtb 5500

    In great condition comes with instructions, spare spool and washers details below http://fish.shimano-eu.com/publish/content/global_fish/en/nl/index/Products_2011/reels/big_pit/baitrunner_spool_ii/ultegra_xtb.html I only have the one to sell. $175 Shipped lower 48
  3. Anyone have a pair of the Shimano Baitrunner B 4500 size in good to very good condition they want to sell me. PM with offers Thanks Andrew
  4. Aqua Rs6 Rod Sling

    Just sold it Sorry
  5. Aqua Rs6 Rod Sling

    I have the original aqua rs6, hardly used... excellent condition! It holds 6 made-up rods and comes with 2x heavy duty 3/4 sleeves, hood sleeve, room for landing net and shelter/umbrella Also comes with the quiver sleeve to keep all the rode protected. Can use with or without the individual rod sleeves to save weight Show is the stock photo with all sleeves and the 4 rod version showing the quiver sleeve $85 posted paypal
  6. Fox X Pod Plus

    Bump. Remember Christmas is coming. You know you want this pod.
  7. Carpmasters NIB

    What are they?
  8. Fox X Pod Plus

    SOLD Selling my lightly used Fox X Pod Plus. It includes the parts that are shown in the picture and a carry case. Here's what Fox have to say about it "X Pod Plus (with Goal Post Buzz Bars) This version of the X-Pod goes one stage further by making each leg adjustable so that the pod can be extended to cope with longer rods. Fully extended, even thirteen-foot rods can be positioned so that the butt ring sits behind your alarm. Featuring the same, unique central boss system, the pod is supremely light, very stable and easy to transport. The product comes complete with a pair of 3 Rod 'Rod Lok' Buzz Bars. "
  9. Colorado Fish In

    Venue Announcement as promised Well i went out on a fish spotting mission this weekend, i visited the two lakes at the top of the choice list and despite the air temp getting up there on Sunday afternoon the freezing northerly wind we had was of no help. I also fished both lakes but to no avail as the water temp is still in the low 40's. However i have confidence in our collective ability to catch a few fish so we'll plan to head out to the Adams County Regional Park 9755 Henderson Road Brighton, CO 80601-8114 map The lake is approx 50 acres and has good bank access all the way around. There is plenty of parking and it is a family friendly place with a kids park etc. More details of exactly where we'll fish when i get numbers and an idea of who is coming. Let me know if you plan to attend and I'll see you there.
  10. Colorado Fish In

    Colorado Carpers I have narrowed the venue to a choice of two lakes and will be fishing them both this weekend. I will let you know on Monday where i plan to hold the event. Why not dd this thread to your alerts so you get an email whenever i add more info. Here is a little more general info, some of you may have got this in an email; from me, i emailed those members in Colorado for whom i have a current address. I do occaisionally send out email blasts so if you want to be included let me know via pm or email and i'll include you. The aim of the fish in is to have fun and catch a few fish, i met some of you at the International Sportsmans Expo and various other places. It would be great to go out and fish together. Its also an opportunity for people to learn more about Catch and Release carp fishing. I will be happy to share tactics with anyone and show you rigs and methods that have been successful for me in CO. I am primarily a Euro style angler so i can show you anything you want to know about that but if you like the fly then come on down too, i'd love to learn. I will have a small supply of rigs etc that i can share with people who don't have anything. Bring what ever tackle you have and we'll try to make it work. Bring any of your favorite baits too we'll give them a try. Canned corn or bread are proven winners if you don't have a favorite. For those who aren't sure what to bring here are a few recommendations you may have already or can pick up locally from bass pro or sportsman's warehouse. A rod of medium to heavy action such that you might use for catfish is ideal and a spinning reel with 10lb or 15lb line is fine. For the end tackle i recommend size 6 or 8 hooks in a pattern similar to this but nothing with treble or bait holder barbs on the back. Swivels and then either egg sinkers or teardrop weights. Here is the store i get my gear from in the USwww.bigcarptackle.com or www.wackerbaits.com they take 3-4 days to ship to CO. If you were looking to buy from these folks they are both very helpful or i can provide some some assistance so let me know if you need help. There are other retailers associated with CAG and you will find them on the links page. I list the two above because i have actually done business with them. I have also secured some free dvd's from the tackle supplier Nash Tackle based in the UK, they are instructional and are a great asset to the new and experienced carper alike i will be handing them out on the day. If you are coming let me know and i'll save you a copy. If you have questions the call me 303 253 2028 or email me. This event is free and open to all so if you know someone who may be interested then bring them along. Be sure and let me know if you plan to attend, Thanks Andrew Andrew Green Carp Anglers Group CO State Chair
  11. Colorado Fish In

    As the state chair i am planning to hold an informal fishing get together for anyone in CO that wants to go. The format will be simple, as the date gets nearer i will select a venue, likely in the Denver/Boulder area Anyone who want to can come along and meet like minded folks and try to catch a few carp. The reason for the late venue selection is the fact that some lakes still have ice and i want to pick one where the water has warmed up the most to give us a good chance of catching. I will be there all day but people can come and go as they please. Sunday April 18th If you have tackle and bait then bring it, if you don't i will try to provide some extra terminal tackle and rigs for people. I can't guarantee rods and reels so bring what you have and we'll see if we can make it work. Bring food and drinks for yourself. I and likely another person will be available to show anyone who is interested anything they want to know about carp fishing euro style. If you have questions either post them here and i'll try to answer or call me 303 253 2028 or email Andrewgreen1980@gmail.com Look forward to seeing you there.
  12. WTB : Diawa Infinity x 5000

    I Think New World Carp has them on their site http://newworldcarp.com/osc/daiwa-infinity...reel-p-228.html
  13. If you have NetFlix...

    He also has another movie out called Urban Warfare http://www.hatchesmagazine.com/shop/urban-...s-bonefish.html I know its been on here before but its awesome.