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  1. New World Record Carp! 101Lbs - Hungary - June 2012

    What a beautiful fish and what a bunch of whiners.
  2. CCC 2011 Location Discussion

    Very nice. Bruce
  3. CCC 2011 Location Discussion

    Well you've got the talking part done. Bruce Mitchell
  4. CCC 2011 Location Discussion

    A Mississippi river CAGI. Sounds great. Bruce
  5. CCC 2011 Location Discussion

    It seems I have to explain my posts to you. Friends are members. I would think that a annual club meeting might best be held at a event and location where the most members or friends might attend. My backside is not raw I just asked a question. You are the one that's squirming. Percentage doesn't mean anything, the actual number does. Is it a secret number? Is it to much to ask? It is CAG's CCC not yours or mine. Bruce Mitchell P.S. Notice no smiley faces were needed on this post. Say what what you mean and don't try to justify it with a smiley face.
  6. CCC 2011 Location Discussion

    (I think CAG should keep in mind what is best for the event and best for CAG, this will be the best idea. Food, lodging, friendly gatherings, lots of fish, and a nice bottom line $$$ for CAG... The bar has been set) When you wrote this you said the bar has been set, indicating to me that the CAG is receiving a nice bottom line on this CCC. That is what I was wondering is what that figure is? If I had over 800 friends and invited them all to a barbecue and only 20 showed up then there might be a problem with my barbecue or who I had help me with it. The next party I had might be one that more of my friends were interested in. I am not saying that the 20 friends that did show up didn't have a great time. Bruce Mitchell
  7. CCC 2011 Location Discussion

    I was wondering how much a nice bottom line $$$ for CAG is. Bruce Mitchell
  8. Miller Park

    Paul you seem confused. There are no carp in Miller Park. Bruce
  9. Miller Park

    Paul, I did'nt think you were there Sunday night.
  10. Miller Park

    There are no carp in Miller Park lake.
  11. I'm not putting it down, I think its great that CAG is involved. I just am getting the feeling that most readers and posters of this topic are thinking that Bounty carp tournaments are something new.
  12. They have been holding carp tournaments for some time now.
  13. Shimano Baitrunner BTR-3500 3500 Spinning Reel

    Only 1 Left
  14. Shimano Baitrunner BTR-3500 3500 Spinning Reel

    For sale 2 Shimano 3500B's Shimano BTR-3500B 74.99 each delivered.These reels are like new, they were only used one time. They come complete with box and instructions.