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  1. This winter has seemed neverending. The cold weather makes getting motivated to have a session difficult at times. Nevertheless, I have tried my best to get out when I can. Sessions at a trusted power plant lake always produces, including a beautiful mirror. My first of the year. This venue is a little bit of a drive, so the desire to go there is sometimes just not in me. Planning sessions around warmer days(notice the shorts in some pics 😁) and hitting up more local spots has been proving successful. I normally would not try these closer venues until spring is in full swing. That might change
  2. Go to your local livestock feed store. So many cheap chum options. Range cubes, sweet feed, chicken feed, calf manna, oats, corn, etc, etc. The only thing to keep an eye on is to not buy feeds with medication added.
  3. Did it have barbels? If yes, probably a Koi. If no, probably a goldfish or goldfish/carp hybrid.
  4. Welcome to CAG! Hooray! Another carper in the KC area! Like MOCarper said, there is a great bunch of anglers here in the KC area. We fish all over the area and have found some absolute gems. If you do Facebook, search for our group "Kansas City Carp Anglers" . I would be more than happy to let you come check out my gear and just talk carp anytime! Again, welcome to the addiction! 😁
  5. As others have said, fake corn is the answer.
  6. Tie a bead or spring on your hair and use your own doughbait to mold around that. I started out using that technique and did well with it.
  7. Good to see you out catching! A couple of us had an AMAZING session on Friday.
  8. Ahh, it's true we can't touch that size of fish(consistently) around here, but you absolutely crush it in terms of numbers. I'm not sure any other carp angler in the country catches as many carp as you.
  9. "Elite" is a stretch! Haha! "Pretty decent" maybe. Congrats on hitting 500lbs!
  10. Today was tough, but you saved it with those two last minute fish!!
  11. Had my most memorable session to date this past Sunday. Broke my long standing PB Common of 28lbs with a brute Common of 31lbs! Add two other 25lb class Commons and a few smaller ones. Also broke my Grass carp PB with a thick 41lb fish! Added one other long lean grassie that measured 41". It was truly a great day for me. Was thankful for being joined by "petew" from the forums and AJ from the Facebook group. It would have been a tough time netting these fish on my own. 31lb PB Common Couple 25lb Commons Few scrappers PB 41lb Grass
  12. I think I will be out at Olathe Lake Sunday morning. Haven't tried it this year and have seen lots of carp breaching when I am out on my kayak.
  13. He starts middle school this fall! Yikes!! We keep it simple with crazy eights, war, go fish etc. Haha!
  14. Took my oldest out fishing for a couple sessions this month. Caught some nice Commons and a big grassie. Channel cats and card games keep us busy in between carp bites. Looking back on his first ever outing and our most recent one amazes me in how much he has grown. Here are some pics from our most recent outings. VID_20170714_071850831.mp4
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