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  1. This item has been sold Thank you for looking.
  2. Bruce Ashby's 10ft stocking rod This rod was specially made by the late Bruce Ashby himself This 10ft 1.75TC 2 section stocking rod comes with a full cork handle, Harrison blank and completely made in England. Brand New never been used. $190 plus shipping If interested call Carl 623 850 1680
  3. Mark not sure if my first message went through but call me when you get a chance at 201 681 0330

  4. Hi Mark, someone else did call about the leads two days ago and I have not heard back from him but to be fair I will reach out to him this morning and if I don't hear back from him today I will keep it for you. Will that be ok? I'm thinking he changed his mind but I just want to be sure. BTW Mark if the leads don't work out I have many other items in the website that are still available that are new and exciting specially the Bruce Ashby hand made rods all made in England if you have some interest let me know I will cut a special deal for you. Either way you will hear from me today! Carl
  5. Check this out over 300 different types of leads in this assortment. Not only are they different in shape but also in weight. Most are Fox leads. From flat, inline, feeder leads to bomb types you name it, its in this assortment. As you know the Fox leads are those that can be converted from a swivel type to inline. $50 plus shipping. The good news is they will all fit in a Priority mail box and I think the large size one is $19. You could share these leads with friends to bring the price down. Most of these leads have been painted beige in color to match most water bottoms. If interested call Carl (623) 850-1680
  6. 29 pieces Richsworth feeders 2oz 4 pieces Richworth feeders. 1oz 18 pieces Fox feeders. 1.5oz 22 pieces Fox feeders. 2oz Total 77 pieces $50 plus shipping Call if interested call Carl @ (623) 850-1680
  7. These are one of the best rod sleeves you can buy. Made by COTSWORLD AQUARIUS Fully padded with carrying straps, these sleeves has hardly been used. Protect your investment! $60 for the pair, plus shipping. Call me if you have interest. Carl @ (623) 850-1680
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