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  1. FYI: the geese are not Canadian they have no national affiliations the common name of the species is Canada Goose
  2. simply rising/falling pressure seems to effect some species (carp & cats, less so) not enough for me to pay attention, or even own a barometer really sharp drastic changes in pressure (the kind you feel in your own sinuses/ears) seem to shut down EVERYTHING ...but not long enough to pack up, unless you were leaving soon, anyway
  3. bass & crappie are sight/motion-oriented predators w/ poor sense of taste/smell: can't see -- can't eat (as well)... anything w/ barbels can feed blind one reason chocolate bite can be slower, is that all the stirred-up natural goodies are competing w/ your bait... try closer to the bank (margins), feeder stream inlets, etc... worms & other natural meat can work well, when they're not immediately attacked by dink bass & panfish
  4. I love exercise -- I could sit & watch it for hours
  5. fishin's the opposite of work, LOL 5-9AM quickies (or just, NIGHT) works best for me, when daytime even approaches 90*F ...actually, 5AM is too late -- you should be cast out & sitting comfortably, waiting for a bite, at 1st hint of dawn (set up w/ a headlamp)
  6. can you "feed the ducks"? ...if so, can you feed imaginary ducks?
  7. bait 6" under a stealthy float (quill), worked fine for me... just couldn't cast straight at 'em, or they spooked
  8. I've seen that when they're surface-feeding on a hatch, or post-mating insect die-off... the only way I could get action, was to put a bait within 6" of the surface, well ahead of their predicted path seems a bit early for that, unless you were a few States south of NJ
  9. slightly spoiled, by human standards, is just fine for carp... or, even, desired some intentionally long-soak dry corn/grains/legumes until rancid go ahead & use yours (or even freeze it), but bring other "fresh" bait options, in case that day...
  10. so, you "lovingly" punch a steel bolt through mum's/dad's cheek; "lovingly" torture mum/dad for 10-20 min.; "lovingly" drag them underwater (or, other lethal environment) for an extended egocentric netting/matting/measuring/weigh-in/photo-op; then, magnanimously release them back into their living room ??? all you 100% C&R guys torture living creatures for your own entertainment -- ADMIT IT & LIVE WITH IT!!! At least, I can tell myself I'm 90% honing my hunter/gatherer skills, for a 10% harvest. Admittedly, anglers' ASTRONOMICAL financial impact heavily contributes to the prot
  11. are you trying to give your pet fish "the munchies", LOL? the seeds don't have any/enough of the psychoactive/medicinal cannabinoid compounds that affect humans carp anglers use hemp & other seeds for their oily, protein/vitamin-rich nutrition goodness as fish-food, they're good for any omnivore w/ pharyngeal teeth/plates, esp. Cypriniformes
  12. 6' is a bit short & don't get fixated on "Carp Rod" as the official classification... look for the more Moderate actions among 3-pc. Inshore rods (7'-8') & Salmon/Steelhead rods 8'+
  13. all Sander family, along w/ perch N. American sanders are smaller & more elongated, than cousins across the pond
  14. well, the mature seeds are brown & make you puke -- doesn't sound like corn investigate local edible plants, for possible bait
  15. how light are you going on the tackle?
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