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  1. teoCarp

    Rock River Hit & Miss

    Thanks Larry for being such a nice fishing host! It was great to visit again! Your hands look weird on this photo? Photoshop? Lol
  2. Organized carp kills (bowfishing derbies, etc.) are still legal in most states. Carp is nowhere near to be recognized as a sports species. And you are arguing about two catch and release carping worlds. What is going on here?
  3. teoCarp

    Fish Of A Lifetime!

    Awesome, congratulations!
  4. teoCarp

    Speed River Is Heating Up!

    Good job on the video and on the carping !!!
  5. teoCarp

    Centerpin'n Commons - Oakville Puts Out!

    Incredible stuff! Thumbs up!
  6. teoCarp

    Carping April In Harbor...

    Very good stuff, Paul!!!
  7. teoCarp

    We Can Say...spring Is Here !

    Very nice, Paul and Andy !!!
  8. teoCarp

    March 2012 Cag Online Contest

    A few of mine from US and Bulgaria:
  9. teoCarp

    March 2012 Cag Online Contest

    Beautiful captures, Frank! Everyone else, too! I will try to contribute as well!
  10. teoCarp

    Wtb - Spod Reel

    Looking to buy a new or old big pit reel to use as a spod reel. I would like to stay below the $100 mark incl. shipping. Send me a PM or write here if you have a reel to sell. Teo
  11. teoCarp

    Give Away .... (2)

    Ok, this one is closed Three young carpers will have new rods to start the season with
  12. teoCarp

    Give Away .... (2)

    With the spring season tackle cleaning, I also want to give away a bunch of items just like my friend Ivelin did! Thanks for setting a good example, my friend! This gear will have a new owner or owners just on time for the new season. I have the following items to give away: - 14" waggler rod - 13" heavy feeder rod with 3 tips - 6 meter carp whip rod These are not professional grade rods, but very good quality. This is a great set of rods to target any size fish in any distance! Just like Ivelin, I want to give them to a young angler, or a group of young anglers. The only cost will be the cost of shipping and the PVC tube I will ship them in. I expect these to be no more than $25. I will add photos this weekend. I will make sure I add some bonus items as well Feel free to drop me a line or write here! Teo
  13. Fantastic week and fish Paul !!!
  14. teoCarp

    Chicago River Carp Fishing Today

    Great stuff, Paul! And also Happy Birthday
  15. teoCarp


    Congrats on the great year, my friend!!!Only you know how much effort you put in catching those monsters! I wish you even better results in 2012 and finally to share some bank space !!!