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  1. As you know the Austin Team Championship passed a little bit ago. Again Nik Williams and Myself had the opportunity to travel down to Texas and compete in the tournament. We placed in a very respectable place. Here is a video i made reviewing our time there! Any comments you have about the video please fell free to share, as its a start to my brother Austin and my channel! And recently Austin, Brian, Tom and I have been fishing a new spot that we decided to fish this year. They have all had stunning and/or big fish from there. Being busy with school and work I wasn't able to get out as much as them, but here are some of the fish I caught from there! Nothing huge but definitely welcomed anytime!
  2. Thank you everyone!! i appreciate the comments as they mean a lot!
  3. Okay Brian I was just wondering!
  4. Thank you!! I appreciate it! I'll pass the word into him!
  5. Thank you Brian! Did you end up fishing there today?
  6. congrats on the new PB, always an exciting moment!
  7. My bad I accidentally typed the weight of Jacob's fish wrong. his fish weighed 29lb 14oz, not 28lb 14oz
  8. **FALL FATTIES** I haven't been out in a while and when I did go fishing it was only for a short amount of time. This was my first proper fall session and I was rewarded with some absolutely stunning fish!! I caught 8 fish today and the biggest being a SUPER fat common that tipped the scale at 29lb 0oz!! Next biggest fish for me was a 20lb 12oz!! Can't wait to get out again! The fish above has to be my favorite and best fall fish I have ever caught. I couldn't have been any happier with this 29lb 0oz chunk!! This one was the chunky 20lb 12oz! All my fish fell to Trilogy Carp Baits "Wild Peach Berry" flavor! This have been my favorite flavor that has constantly proven its self to me countless time, and once again, it happened again! Later that day my friend Jacob decided to come and and fish with me for a little! His decision to come out and fish was well worth it! He ended up smashing his PB by 8lbs, with a stunning 28lb 14oz long common!! Huge congrats to him as it was well deserved!! He was using a test flavor from Trilogy Carp Baits that is similar to "Wild Peach Berry"
  9. Thank you! It is personally one of my favorites. I use it all year round. I find it to be a great bait for colder months as well!
  10. I'm on it Jerome! This weekend I'm hoping for some nice ones ! I'll be fishing a different spot.
  11. Thank you guys! I appreciate the comments!
  12. Thank you! I honestly wasn't expecting to catch today. So I definitely was pleased with both of those fish!
  13. Temperatures are dropping and its getting to that time of year again where particles play a big role in fishing. Today I made made it out only for a few hours and caught a few fish! I was using the "Wild Peach Berry Tournament Corn" along with the "Enhanced Panko Packbait". I was pleased with how the day went, as they both were nice fish! Thanks, Brendan
  14. What a day, nothing seemed to go your way. With failure comes improvement, we all have been there!
  15. Those are some stunning fish!! Congrats!
  16. Thanks guy!! I definitely had a good time!
  17. Hahaha thank you Jerome! Means a lot like I said earlier!!
  18. Thank you Dave! I'm glad you enjoyed the post!! That's means a lot I appreciate it!
  19. Brendan

    New PB 28-11

    Awesome capture! Keep it up, catching a PB is very special!
  20. thank you Dean! got a few pictures with all of us holding carp!!
  21. Still a couple pictures from England and ones from back home! really hope you enjoyed the pictures!! this has been a great year of carping for me!!
  22. i know i haven't posted in awhile so this is going to be long! The topics will be going from earlier this year to the present. so since i haven't posted here are some fish from earlier this year! this was my first 20lber this year, which came in at 25lb+!! i also managed to catch this nice buffalo, which i believe is my only one this year. since I'm going in order, here is a very special fish for me that i caught!! one reason is from where it was caught and the other reason is also how big it was!! It has been two years since i caught a 30lber, until i broke the spell with this perfect condition 33lb 0oz common!! It was two years since i caught a 30, I cant explain how happy i actually was the when i saw it went over 30lbs!! i caught it off of Trilogy Carp Baits on Wild Peach Berry, which is my most reliable and favorite flavor to use!http://www.trilogycarpbaits.com/wild-peach-berry-tournament-corn/pleae guys give them a try, they are truly different than what is on the market. Now Austin and I were off to the Czech republic to compete in the first Junior Wold Carp Classic tournament!! unfortunately Austin and i where in a bad peg, even the people around us only caught one fish or didnt have any. i did manage to hook one but it came off due to weeds! it was a great experience and i would do it again in a heart beat! Before the tournament Austin and I fished a private lake, which helped us get use to the Czech carp! so here are some fish and pictures from the Czech! my first carp from the Czech! here is one of my better fish from there, which went 24lbs I also managed to catch this nice sized sturgeon!!! Man do these things fight! the pre-fishing ended in a bang for me! i had a rod casted right infront of a fallen tree. of course that rod screams off! as soon as i picked it up i could tell it was a bigger fish! i was right it ended up going 30lb 3oz!! i was really happy as that was my second 30 of the year!! Now i had some time fro myself, so i went off to a lake that has numbers of fish and some nice mirrors!! in just one session alone i ended up catching 33 fish!! each session was packed with fish!! Now it was time for another adventure!! Austin and I were off to England, to fish with Carl and Alex!! some of you may have heard of them, they make very good quality fishing videos and have appeared on the Nash Tackle DVDs before! we got in contact with Carl and Alex in January we got in contact with them and wanted to see if we all could do a fishing trip together as it would be a great experience!! so for 2 weeks Austin and i went to England and fished a lot of their waters. Then we all flew back to the U.S and Austin and i took them all around Michigan!! throughout the whole trip there were lost of very stunning fish caught also some very big ones!! unfortunately i cant post too many pictures or give away too much detail as Carl and Alex are making a video about the trip!! it should be out around Christmas time!! anyways here are some pictures that i got!! England was such an amazing and beautiful place!! enjoy the pictures!
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