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  1. saw your latest on fishexplorer regarding chatsfield. i'm the former ky state chair, ages ago, but now live in denver. would love some more info on chatsfield if you have a minute, e.g. where (state park? town beach? etc.).

  2. HTTPS, secure socket layers, means that information going between the client and the server is being encrypted (think of the SSL certificate as your encryption key for the data). It requires an SSL certificate to be purchased, activated, installed and the site updated to use. SSL requires a website to have a dedicated IP address, not a shared address that often many hosting companies provide. Tight-Lines, John
  3. Sad news Dean, yet totally understandable. Your work with NACA over past couple years has been remarkable. Passion, dedication and professionalism. Fins-up for all you have done. John.
  4. Great work Dean, excellent articles, interviews and CAG member stunning capture photo's!
  5. Jerome, any idea why i'm not included anymore on that list of State Chairs ? I do still seem to be listed, and have posting access, on the list from the State Chair section of the forum (below) http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/page/cag_state_chairs_.html John
  6. Excellent work Dean, very impressive with great articles and content. Works fine for me via. Chrome, IE, and Chrome on my android phone.
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