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  1. wish it was not so HOT in AZ so miserable tough to fish

  2. CarpeDiem Its all good I could have worded it Better I was a little frustrated with all the accusations
  3. Thank Willem for that info good to know Carpediem My reference to CRAP was all the blaming and accusations that have happened in the 12 Pages I beleive some of it may have been removed. My account was comprimised and I had to replace my Card My Bank caught the unathorized transaction.
  4. Wow this is now 12 pages long and most of it is Crap I spoke with my Bank today and Believe it or not its not just Carp Anglers that have recently be compromised I did not have any charges because my Bank caught it and stopped it and sent me a new Card. The Bank rep said they have had alot of fraud recently.
  5. Bank of America sent me sent me a new Card and said mine may have been compromised BCT Wacker Resistance BFS CAG I use Paypal if its available Amazon CC
  6. I just received a new Card in the mail from My Bank they said my account may have been compromised. Alot of Carpers are getting hit so it maybe something we all have in Common
  7. Paul always gives great service. Just received a package yesterday. Tiger nuts, Dried Mollasses and Sausage Gun and couple other tid bits Thanks Paul
  8. I get caught up in the forum and that info and by the time I get thru that I am to tired to check out the Magazing
  9. All I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thanks for everything You do Willem take care of yourself and get some rest.
  10. many I always forget the discount also
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