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  1. Yes we are still carping in AZ with the hot summer we had to take a break from fishing but we are back at it now I am in Goodyear some good fishing in some of our Urban lakes You can email me at Hogar1115@aol.com
  2. I very seldom match mine I normally use artificial corn and do not really worry about the flavor
  3. I love Float fishing its a great way to catch some fish
  4. I normally use a 4 inch hook link
  5. HAHAHAHAHA yea that would be tough on the skin
  6. Nope You are now from CA
  7. Yea we have another Month Maybe two then we will be back to fishing till next summer Once You get cold come one down to AZ I will take you fishing
  8. Well with the temps in AZ being 106 plus everyday lately night temps are 85 to 90 most nights. I can not stop dreaming of the ATC in Feb My Wife is tired of hearing about it. Maybe someone on here will chat with me about it.
  9. Yes I believe it does have the warranty try this http://www.chubfishing.com/en-us/contact/contact-form/
  10. Hooks can be a touchy subject I suggest trying many different Hooks and finding whats best for You. Hooks are kinda like what kinda woman should I date everyone is going to tell you what they like. Most of the Carp hooks sold By Cags Vendor are good hooks in my opinion of course people are going to like a certain hook better. I have recently tried out a hook from American Carp Gear and have liked check them out. http://americancarpgear.com/product/teflon-coated-carp-hooks/
  11. Robert H

    Got My First!

    Congrats nice looking fish
  12. How is everything going for 2014 ATC I am looking forward to it
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