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  1. I had a Sportscale which looked great and was a great size for packing in the carryall, but unfortuately never performed well. I gave it away on this forum because it had circuit issues and needed to be repaired (Reuben Heaton didn't reply/respond to 3 e-mails I sent them regarding thiat issue). If I were you, I'd look at a dial scale first or a different digital. My two cents worth....take it or leave it.
  2. Description Bite alarm Flajzar Fishtron E1 is revolutionizing the simple multifunctional control, unique design and reliable electronics with precision magnetic sensing winding lines, which ensures high quality workmanship, durability and high battery life. Attractive and visible optical signaling, comprising a series of LEDs, displays reliably shot. That adds reworked acoustic signal with a wide range of tones. Bite indicator is equipped with multi-function connector for swinger or wireless transmitter and receiver DBX - 09. Acoustic signaling : Unwinding of line is indicated by an audible signal with adjustable height of tone. The faster moving line is fluctuating tone to alert fishermen to fish more aggressive shot. Depth intermittent tone is determined by the total set of tone. Optical signaling : Clear display of work by a number of LEDs positioned behind a transparent colored plexiglass. Speed LED varies according to the speed of unwinding the line. After the shot is running memory function LED - lights up the middle two LED diodes - the angler with a delay was alerted to a shot of fish. Turning on / off : Bite indicator on and off briefly (about 1 second) by pressing the button located on the bottom left. (ON-OFF button). When you turn you hear a high tone and the LED bar "running" up. When you turn off you will hear a deep tone and LED bar moves downward. Volume control : Volume is controlled by the traditional way, using the rotary knob "V". Right is the highest sound intensity, the far left is then muted. This is useful for example if you are connected to a wireless receiver, or catching at night and do not want to disturb other anglers. Control pitch : The pitch is set as follows : - press the button and hold it for about 4 seconds - lights one LED and audible tone - keep the button and change the pitch by turning the knob - the tone will change and the LED will show the current set pitch. Upwards tones higher downward lower tones. - once you set the desired tone, release the button - the current tone is saved The basic parameters Color of diode red Volume yes Tone yes Sensitivity no Waterproof yes Slot for transmitter / swinger yes - 2,5 mm Resolution direction of shot no Power supply 2 x 1,5V - LR1 Wysokość, szerokość, głębokość 99 x 48 x 31 mm Weight 80 g Night light no Spacing for rod 17 mm Integrated transmitter no Case no
  3. No, no sensitivity adjustment. This is the Flajzar description: Let us introduce a new and excellent bite indicator for every angler – our FISHTRON e1. The bite indicator offers a multifunctional control very easy to use – simply and purely - no useless functions, no complex adjustment. A unique design and the FLAJZAR electronics with precise magnetic scanning of the fishing-line unwinding length guarantee the high-quality performance, resistance and long battery effective life. The attractive and very well visible visual indication, consisting of a row of LEDs, indicates the bite reliably. It is completed with a remade acoustic indication containing a wide spectrum of tones. FISHTRON e1 is made in all popular LED colours, i.e. blue, green, red, and yellow. Of course, a multifunctional connector to connect a swinger or a wireless transmitter has been included. With its dimensions 99 x 48 x 31 mm, FISHTRON e1 bite indicator is one of the smallest devices of its type available on the market.
  4. I'm selling a pair of Flajzar E1 Alarms- one red, one blue. They are in excellent condition and still have original box and paperwork. They are very easy to use- ideal for back up alarms or someone just getting in to carp fishing. They sell for $55 each- I'll take $75 for both shipped.
  5. Met Lika with a sunrise carp Darren Calver Illinois
  6. Darren Calver 10lbs 2oz Met Lika 10lbs 0oz 9.47am
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