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  1. It was me fishing in the spot Lorne - I was the swim jumper! I even mentioned that in future we would make room for him to come and fish the spot with us - hardly staking a claim over the spot? - quite the opposite in fact I was making a joke with David (hence the wink) but yet again, you still have to have add another of your sly little digs
  2. you see - that's what happens when you share your spots - you get swim jumpers turning up and stopping you get in there I'm pretty sure there was room for you to squeeze in next to them if it happens again and said anglers will be more than happy for you to join them The fishing out on TT has been very sporadic this year. One week there are multiple catches then the following week it's blanks all around. Very little weed growth this year as well and I wonder if that has anything with it? Also a lot of fresh water coming into the lake from the surrounding rivers. Really glad your leg is on the mend now David - I hope you get out and about more and doing your thing! Maybe you can see TRCA can do anything about the fire ants? PS - whoever took the pictures of the first fish you caught on Monday clearly know's what he is doing
  3. we were up there that weekend as well and had a fantastic time. Well done on your fish! where abouts were you fishing? PM if preferred.
  4. I think it's best to just give it a try. I have seen fish stay well clear of bait I thought was perfectly ok while on other occasions I have seen them go mad over something that has made me gag when i have opened the bucket. carp are definitely attracted to some of the protiens that are given off during fermentation of food however when that changes to actually rotting is hard to know.
  5. long sault is well worth the trip - not many cottages on the river but some great camp sites. on a good day you can do the trip from TO in 3.5 hours.
  6. had a great day out there with Arvand and the guys - one of the best days of the year for me so far. lots more wildlife out there this year too - TT really is a credit to Toronto. not sure who had the objections you are on about. unfortunately there has been quite an increase in litter in the spots this year but I guess #### happens when you get more people heading out there. we have been tidying it all up after every trip to try and keep the place looking beautiful. anyone want to hook up for a trip out there then lmk and we can arrange something. also hat doffed to David and TUFA again - these guys have the anglers best interests at heart and do an amazing job. David is a great example of what it takes to lead an organisation and do what it takes to get noticed in a world full of noise and makes people want to get involved. The man has a passion I have rarely seen. I've had a very busy spring this year and not had a chance to help out (I feel quite ashamed given the amount those guys have done) but have been admiring from afar. I will certainly be trying to help out next year and recommend to anyone that doesn't follow their FB page should log on, sign up and check them out.
  7. jaminsk1

    short runs

    Darrin - was it actually taking line from your spool? if it was then it probably not a line bite and your rigs are to blame. don't worry too much about it though - it happens to everyone and could be down to a multitude of things. from hook types, hair length, rig length, bait size, hook size, baiting situation and the spot you are fishing. you are getting pickups in the first place and that's half the battle - they are eating where you put your bait and eating your bait - you are most of the way there. your rig is a good start but may need tweaking slightly. if it happens again I would wait until you are sure the fish is taking line from the spool. if it is then start by making sure your hook is nice and sharp (sometimes the point can be bent over easily). then start adjusting the length of your rig then the length of your hair. as a basis for all my fishing in Ontario, I now use a 12 inch hooklink and a longish 2 " hair - I do this becasue the bottom is littered with all sorts of debris and the baiting here (corn) usually means the fish are moving around when they are feeding. play around with your rig to see what happens - you might find that you stop getting any takes at all (change back immediately or do the opposite of what you have just done) I would go as far to say that you should ignore everything you have read about rigs in the European media - it is for very different fishing than over here and you will just get too confused - most of the crap in the mags is there to sell you kit and none of it is based on Canadian fishing. keep it simple. if they are are falling off then adapt your fishing to keep them on. play around and have fun doing it. think about how a carp hooks itself and then work from there (it's not all about sucking and blowing). successful anglers usually have one rig for their fishing but that is usually because they only fish one way and become masters at it. different ways of fishing require different rigs. there is no definite answer. find your own way and have some fun doing it. good luck.
  8. fish however you want. fish for yourself and no one else. take pleasure from each fish you catch and those that people around you catch. if your method isn't affecting others around you, if it isn't affecting the fish (you use proper fish care and return them unharmed) and if it isn't in the rules and you are willing to pay the consequences then who cares? same should be said for commenting on others fishing. if it doesn't effect you, your fishing or your safety, the fishes safety then why do you actually care? be-littling others catches, calling them cheats, not a man etc? what's the point? far more important things in the world to worry about than bloody fishing rules.
  9. I know exactly how Shawn feels about this because I spent a good part of the weekend telling him about the great things that Dave was doing in Toronto and listening to his concerns about the people already fishing the park as the same crap that has been going on in Hamilton, along the Humber, JC and the Rouge River happening again. You can interpret his comments however you want. I know what he's on about and I reckon it's a valid point. He knows what it takes to fish there. He knows the effort that people put in - that's why he hasn't fished there himself No one said anything about the whole park being off limits? It's a bloody public park - just like the Hamilton piers are all public as well anyone can fish there - no one has ever said anything otherwise. I like it there but my god it's an effort to fish - it's wild, very uncomfortable, not many spots, long walks and savage fireants but the rewards can be there if you put the hard work in. Everyone knows what can be caught out there, that's no secret but like anywhere, some places can be more productive than others. Effort = rewards where that place is concerned - it actually hurts me to fish there - it's not like driving up to a pier, parking and then walking your gear on a trolley to the spot where everyone else is fishing - it couldn't be further from that. Shawn's comments are down to including landmarks in the background of pictures so people take the shortcut to fishing productive spots and ruining them with litter (there are a lot of area's pf the park off limits to the public already). It's basically saying, protect what is valuable to you. I reckon I know exactly where dave caught those fish from in the pics above - why? because I have made the trek out there myself. Read it however you want but to accuse someone of trolling because they tell someone else to be cautious and not reveal exact spots as there is a risk of people jumping on their hard work? Come on now? I want to be clear here - I am not trying to put anyone off fishing over there - go for it!!! In fact if you come down for the day and I will come out to wherever you are and tell you everything I know about the place. I'm just not telling complete strangers on the internet.
  10. it was paid for with tax dollars and a lot of hard work for people to enjoy, yes, not for people to ruin and litter at other users expense that is my concern. With respect to sharing the fishing - Mike's post above is spot on - whether you like it or not Lorne it's certainly an issue now - you have to remember that not everyone wants the same from their fishing as you. I know people are already posting pictures of fish on FB of fish from locations from months ago to throw 'blinds' to reduce numbers of people fishing productive spots. In fact last weekend I was told what I am pretty sure was a blatant lie to keep me away from an area. Good angling IMO.
  11. I disagree Lorne. On more than one occasion I have spoken to people on the bank that tell me about area's to fish because they have seen pictures of people with fish there on the internet (Not members of CAG either). Look at the Fish In Canada show last year - from the landmarks shown on that, it was easy to work out exactly where they were fishing and it was discussed on here (I am as guilty as the next man). When Dave caught his biggun earlier in the year, there were people on FB speculating where it came from and I could tell in seconds where it was from the background (I was aware of the swim and had reguarly been checking it out on my travels). There may be plenty of spots and bank side space around Hamilton where you do your fishing but for the sort of fishing I like (uninterupted, peaceful and quiet), if they are easy to get to then they are at a premium around the GTA. I have spent many many hours walking around the GTA area over the last 18 months (almost as many as actual fishing) and the last thing I want is for a spot I have spent ages finding to be pillaged and ruined or closed to fishing by someone who saw pictures on the internet. Ontario is 'Yours to discover' - not just 'Someone elses to discover and then yours to take advantage of'. The issue isn't about sharing the fishing - it is about the damage done to the swims through litter being left, wildlife harmed and vegetation damaged. There have been a fair few posts on the CAG and on FB groups over the last year about litter left in popular swims and damage done to the surrounding area (I believe there are initials of a FB group carved into a tree at Lasalle at the moment). The litter left by anglers in popular spots is shocking (not just carp anglers). There has already been talk of fishong being banned at Lasalle for these very reasons. It's not just about the members of these forums that leave rubbish either - I know of plenty of spots where the Europeans and Asians that are fishing for the carp for the table are leaving ridiculous amounts of rubbish and discarded line etc. All Toronto shore front fishing was under threat last year from complaints about anglers - one of which was regarding discarded line if I remember correctly. TT is an amazing spot - very wild though and hard to get to but the rewards are there if you make the effort. A lot of it is a nature reserve and a conservation area with a lot of rare animals and bird life visiting. At the moment the people you see there are generally serious about their fishing and are more than happy to put the effort in but the thought of loads of people fishing there and leaving rubbish definitely worries me. Already the popular spots on TT have a lot of rubbish left around them. I am more than happy to share the spots I have found around the GTA with people that I know won't ruin them for me but I'm damned if I am going to let someone I don't know come and screw up my hard work and get the spot closed down - as Mr Tangled Line has said, there are plenty of fish for everyone so I am happy to share the fishing - but I'll have to trust them not to ruin it for me first.
  12. It's been a pleasure speaking to you a couple of times mr tangledline (at a certain outer harbor spot - the last time we spoke was through some fencing a couple of weeks back and you were talking about raspberry juice ). great to hear you are catching out on TT - maybe see you out there at some point for some truly wild fishing. all the best. jamie
  13. wow - stunning mirror!
  14. if anyone is going to give it a go - a few things to take into consideration. it's only open to the public at the weekends from 8-5. there are no cars on the spit and no nearby parking so you have to walk to the spots. it's over 5km to the furthest points and finally there are loads of fire ants along the shoreline and they are savage. it's also worth checking the bird sanctury area's as some of the shore is also out of bounds at certain times of the year (as mr tangledline mentions above). as long as you remember the above then there is some good fishing to be had out there.
  15. where is the dead duck swim? private message me if preferred if you have no car, where are you travelling from - lmk as I may be able to suggest somewhere I would love to head out to the islands soon - we had a great trip out there last year (no fish) but I'd like to head out there again for the day at some point. the fish seem to have moved into the edge along the waterfront in toronto so good luck.
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