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  1. Stickybaits are now owned and run by one of the guys at Erics Angling (Tom Anderson i think) - It may be worth dropping them an email and asking?
  2. great bloke - great shop but he supports a dodgy football team
  3. OK - bit more of an update. Clearing the cache didn't work however I only get the error message if there are unread posts in the thread. I have read all the posts the link works while it is failing for anything with new content. Hope this is of some help.
  4. Willem - I can't do screen prints becasue I'm at work and would have issues uploading. Basically on the home page - http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?act=idx Then any of the links to the most recent threads held within a forum are directing straight back to the homepage so the top one would be - Membership Renewal Drawing... by kentlakecarper 17 May 2012 (http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php??showtopic=47914#entry622167) next - CAG STATE CHAIRS by Louis 07 Jul 2009 (http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php??showtopic=35881#entry474976) etc Interestingly enough, I had to navigate to this thread through the forums themselves and now if I try the link on the homepage it takes me into the thread. Cookies are enabled on all my browsers. I will try clearing the cache and see if that makes any difference.
  5. I'm not sure this is the correct area to post this but I am having some issues when trying to access posts from the links in the homepage? I have tried on my phone on the mobile site and on my browsers (safari and firefox) and I'm getting the same result where I am redirected back to the homepage again. This has only started happening over the last couple of days? Anyone else having similar problems?
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