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Community Answers

  1. The Emma Lake camp out sounds so good - excellent weather!  Another reason choosing Texas over Chicago was a good move :) 

  2. Just saw this thread - thanks guys.
  3. The years have gone by quickly and you have made a positive impact on this club - thank you for all your many hours of time and effort! Hope to see you at the Wooden Shoe tournament.
  4. Great job, Larry! A well thought out event of this magnitude. I hope I can make it.
  5. Same issue, my fix: right click - highlight "spell checker options" - click on "Language settings..." - click on "Enable spell checking"
  6. Thank you to all that submitted stories, a lot of good laughs were had reading these! The numbers have been calculated and info turned over to our esteemed President who'll have the honors of doling out the prizes!
  7. Voting will close tomorrow, Friday the 14th. Winners will be announce on Saturday, the ides of March... Two stories are in the lead with just one vote apart Three other stories are tied up for third place Just a few votes can change the game completely! Everyone is still in the running! Cast your vote! It's probably one of the rare times it will actually count!
  8. Keep them votes coming! Winners will be announced on the ideas of March....
  9. Its a tight race to the winners circle! Your votes will make a difference. VOTE NOW!
  10. Be Aware that if you select "View Results" before voting, you will not be able to vote! The results will be visible after you place your votes.
  11. You can vote for all the stories you liked! There will be at least 3 winners so I encourage you all to cast at least 3 votes!!
  12. Multiple votes are encouraged! Members can vote for all the stories they liked but will only have one shot at voting.
  13. Thank you all for submitting all these very funny stories! 28 Great Stories! CAG MEMBERS - THE WINNERS ARE UP TO YOU VOTE FOR ALL YOUR FAVORITE FUNNY STORIES
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