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  1. The Dale Hollow Carp Adventures Rx Social was great!! Participants included my partner Darren Calver, and Daniel Polichette, Ron, Rick Slinker, Jeff Skelton and Jennifer. Everything clicked for me October 11th through the 19th at the Dale Hollow Carp Adventures Rx Social, and I mean everything! It all came together – the vision, the planning, the camping gear, the fishing gear, the rain gear, the location, the guides, the 300#s of bait and the bait boat; all of these and the countless details small to large from the sharpening of hooks to the waterproofing of gear created a high level of
  2. Sad to hear about Franklin. Craig and Franklin shared many entertaining stories on CAG - always a highlight on the forum. Two good buddies in tight competition on many fishing outings. RIP Franklin, God Bless. My condolences Craig.
  3. Great stuff! Congratulations to the hearty participants. Nice job Frank!
  4. Dan Ramir Slimy Illinois Senior
  5. If you are going to Dale Hollow you will want a rod pod!
  6. Mr. CEO, It is all about your comfort zone. Fish can be caught without a pod or carp rod or boilies etc... Some are very proud of not having to purchase anything and create their own pods and gear. At the other extreme, some want the best gear the hobby can offer. You will probably find your comfort zone somewhere in between. I have different pods and rod holders, purchased over the years which I take great care of because I enjoy the diversity and choice, i.e. short session, long session, overnight, tournaments.... I enjoy a good pod that will hold my rods off the ground and that allows me to
  7. The Emma Lake camp out sounds so good - excellent weather!  Another reason choosing Texas over Chicago was a good move :) 

  8. our name: Dan Ramir Your CAG forum name: Slimy Your state or province of residence: IL The state or province of your FFF 2017 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: IL Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/17)?: nope thanks Frank!
  9. Sad. Scammer was a big part of the CAG Family and he will be missed.
  10. Dave - Juan Serrano wants to participate but he does not have access to a computer.
  11. Scarpo and Slimy have made it official - entry fee paid. We will be representing the State of Chicago, er, Illinois!! Look out Michigan, here we come!
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