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  1. Congratulations to you and your partner, LeGrand. I know you were up against a lot of very exceptional carper anglers. I met a couple of fellows a few days prior to this year's Championship and they were pretty pumped to be participating. Thanks for posting and for the backgrounder on the event and its history. And good luck to our fellows in France and in Italy!
  2. Mike Pike

    lovin the pva

    Welcome to the Board, Reckless1. Nice going on Erie. Sounds like your addition of a PVA bag made the difference and helped 'em zero in on your bait. I have secret mixes too but it's only secret because I can never remember what I've mixed in. lol Although it can be uncomfortable fishing a windblown shoreline( especially when it's cold ), I find the actual fishing is usually better.
  3. Mike Pike

    Spring sessions at Hammy Harbour

    I know what you mean Fang. I've been getting these erratic beeps on my alarm. Like a single beep...pause...double beep...pause...then a series of beeps that gets me out of my chair, but by the time I reach my rod, it stops. I dunno if that's the kinda thing you're referring to, but my theory is catfish. This happened on one session last year and I actually ended up catching a couple of cats. Fortunately, that session I also caught a carp so at the very least I know that carp will mix in with them,.
  4. Mike Pike

    Spring sessions at Hammy Harbour

    I popped over to the fish-in this afternoon for a visit( Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fish it either ). I was glad to have met Lorne's family and they were very appreciative of what was done in Lorne's memory. CAG donated prizes for the day's Big Fish winner and raffle draws, which was nice. I think something like 6 fish came out today and big bish was 19lbs. I heard that one of the carp caught today was tagged before being released. The tag reads; "Lorne." So anyone who catches this fish will now know the story.
  5. Mike Pike

    Spring sessions at Hammy Harbour

    A FEW WEEKS AGO... I made a return to Hammy Harbour in an attempt to avenge a season opening blank in March. After scouting around and having a good look about, I discovered carp jumping clear out of the water in a shallow bay and thought to myself; "That'll do!" I returned early the next morning with hopes high. I fired out my offering of maize on a hair and a method feeder packed with a nice ball of 'secret mix.' ( Secret because I can't remember what the heck I mixed in! ) Then, I just sat back to enjoy the sunrise. Well, I had line bumps all morning and single beeps a plenty on the bite alarm, but not one run. So, it was time for a walk about, and that's when I spotted this fellow a courtin'. "Hey Ladies!" Then, this couple who had already made the 'love connection.' It was also nice to chat with the birders and photographers who frequent the area in spring. Thanks to one of the photographers, I was finally able to identify all the diving ducks and birds I was seeing, including the little black and white Buffleheads, as well as this Horned Grebe. So, did I break out of an early season slump? Nope. But, I did see one carp caught by the fisherman right next to me who was fishing a worm and sinker for catfish. Yup, there is noooo justice! FAST FORWARD TO TONIGHT... Well, little did I know that it would be weeks before my next outing. Work, family, getting hit from behind and dealing with insurance, all conspired to deny me adequate fishing time. So, I took off a bit early from work this afternoon and went to a spot on the north shore that produced for me in the past and I hoped would again. Upon arriving, I watched the water for several minutes and saw a fish head and shoulder off in the distance. Good enough for me and I set up shop, ever hopeful again. Although I couldn't cast my ball of method out as far as the fish were showing, I got as close as I could and it would have to do. This sheltered spot also offered a little relief from those bitter NE winds today and, combined with my large carpin' umbrella, I was nicely protected from the elements and hunkered down for the session. I was encouraged by the bite alarm sporadically signalling activity around my offering, but twice I jumped to grab the rod only to reel in a slack line and nada. I feared that my optimism may have been the result of catfish playing with my bait and dearly hoped that they would move along. After re-baiting and re-casting repeatedly, the sun began setting and the air temps started to drop, but I was finally rewarded with the one-toner I was hoping for. The fish took a substantial amount of line, as they do, and then proceeded to kite left and right. A couple of anglers nearby offered to help with the netting and I told them; 'sure,' but not to hurry as it was going to take a while. Finally in the net, this lovely 24.75 lbs carp was hoisted onto the landing mat. Actually a PB for me. Now, the only thing left to do tonight is to celebrate with an adult beverage and write this report! I will sleep well.
  6. Mike Pike

    Early spring bait prep

    Well, the weather finally turned this weekend, eh Fang. After all that wind, snow and ice pellets last week I thought spring would never come. The carp were also celebrating the end of winter and jumping out in the harbour yesterday, believe it or not. So I thought I give it a go today. No luck for me, but the angler right next to me targeting catfish( and doing quite well )caught a beauty carp! Dang, so close....
  7. Mike Pike

    Early spring bait prep

    Way to go Fang. When life deals you lemons, you make lemonade, eh. lol I was busy doing some chores and took a peek outside and what a surprise! In the east Hammer we are covered in white! And that north wind was bitter today. I've started making bait ahead of time and freezing it too. Its great when I have downtime to throw some method mix together, freeze it, and when your ready to fish, it's one less thing you have to do.
  8. Mike Pike

    First outing of 2018

    Ya, I think fishermen AND fish are waiting for this cold snap to end. Relief in sight this week, it looks like, so we'll finally be able to put all that new tackle to the test again.
  9. Mike Pike

    First outing of 2018

    Nice to hear from ya, Grasshopper! Hope we're not the last two on here. lol Tight lines Bud.
  10. Mike Pike

    First outing of 2018

    Well, the ice has been off the harbour for a few weeks now and, although guys have been carping throughout winter( ice permitting ), this was my first time out this year. A brisk SW wind made it feel colder than -1c but once the sun came up, it warmed me up, and my spirits, considerably. One of the best things about getting to the water early in the morning is the active wildlife that you get to see, even at this urban locale. The morning's creature count included diver ducks, mergansers and this industrious beaver. . Unfortunately, after sending out a method ball with a couple of kernels of corn on a hair, I had zero takers. The morning only produced several single 'bleeps' on the alarm that had me hopeful, if nothing else. Absolutely wonderful morning to be out, though. Staying warm by keeping the biting wind at my back and the sun on my face was a great way to spend the day at this time of year. Plus, I got a chance to bait up the swim for my next visit, at the least. Happy Easter!
  11. Mike Pike

    Who Is Lenny Middleton?

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing that as well John. A lot of us on this side of 'the pond' are not only catching on to the challenge( and pleasure )of carp fishing but it's rich history, as well. Fortunately, there are many books available now on the early days of carp fishing, and reading them has provided me with countless hours of education and entertainment. Your post about your friendship with Len afforded me a few moments to slip back in time to the pioneering days of our sport, and get an even better insight into a Gentleman who's love for fishing influences all of us carp fishing today.
  12. Mike Pike

    What's old is new again

    Last weekend, I went to fish an old swim I hadn't visited in years. The first thing I noticed was how high the water level was, which shouldn't have been a surprise since the bay connects to Lake Ontario. After scooting around a flooded trail, I got myself set up and enjoyed the sunrise. Nothing much happened during the first part of the morning, so once there was enough light, I took a picture of the 'office.' The water was filled with activity from cruising turtles to jumping fish, and even water snakes! This was the best picture I could get of one, as they're pretty speedy, but it will help me identify it later when I go through some nature books. . And, of course, 'tis the season for family outings. Finally, the bite alarm began to beep, indicating some line bumps or pick-ups, When I got the long awaited one toner, I set the hook to do battle with Mr. Whiskers. Not a huge cat at 4lbs but at least I wasn't going to be skunked on this fine day. And that wasn't my only catch that morning. About an hour later, I hooked into my desired species and brought a carp of around 8lbs to the net. I didn't take a picture of it, though, because it had a large sore on it's side so, along with not being very photogenic, it probably needed to get back to it's home with minimal stress. After missing a couple of fish, it was time to pack up with the promise of returning again soon. The only problem was that while I was focused on other things, I hadn't noticed that this blockade had formed. Fortunately they were willing to listen to reason and I was allowed to pass. lol I returned this morning, after reviewing the weather forecast and seeing that the thunderstorms we were supposed to get in the morning were now predicted for the afternoon. So I had a little window of opportunity give 'er a go again. The morning was filled with more fisherman than fish, however. It was a pretty busy place and I set up next to a good fellow who was great to share the bank with, swapping fishing stories, etc. He even let me take a photo of his secret weapon. Who needs and electronic bite alarm! The fishing remained slow, though, and the only real excitement came when this fellow wandered over. It still amazes me that in just a few minutes drive from downtown Hamilton, you can see so much wildlife. In just a couple of mornings here, my "creature count" included a fox, opossum, beaver, jack rabbit, water snake, herons and snapping turtles. I'll bet my friends who went north camping can't top that! ...oh, and an Osprey. Anyhoo, back to fishing, and the bite alarm finally signaled a take and I was in! Funny, but just as I set my hook, the guy fishing next to me also had a bite and was into a fish. And that's not the first time that's happened to me. It's like the fish all put their noses down at the same time for a munch. We both manage to bring our fish to the bank; mine being this fish at just a tad under 14lbs. Well, it was a good thing that fish happened along when it did because the wind started picking up and dark clouds began sweeping in quickly. I packed up fast as I could and hit the road when the rain started falling, followed by a hail storm. Hard to believe there was clear blue sky just a half hour before.
  13. Mike Pike

    A dabble here and and a dabble there.

    I think you're right Cannonball. I don't think the carp at the new lake are conditioned to my freebees yet, and they are doing quite well with the naturals. That's why I know I'll be going back. And congratulations Fang. I'm still trying for my first 30.
  14. Mike Pike

    A dabble here and and a dabble there.

    Well, living in the Hammer, it's easy to throw the gear in the trunk and just head to one of many good swims available in the harbour. But this year, I planned to change the scenery a bit and try some different areas. After all, the grass is always greener, right? One small lake not an hours drive away was reported to have some good carp in it. On my first visit, I noticed a nice carp after startling it in the margins, and some bow waves I observed in the shallows throughout the day suggested that there were, if fact, plenty of carp there. However, two trips to this venue netted me zero fish. I do plan to return to unlock it's mysteries, but in the meantime, here is a photo of a glorious morning there. Next, was a visit to a more 'urban' destination only a half hour from my Hammy hometown. I wish I could report of some great catches of giant leviathans but, alas, another blank. Thankfully, I had this little fellow keeping me company during my session. Turns out, he loves corn and was so tame, I actually had him eating it out of my hand. I also enjoyed watching people exerting far more energy than you'll find me doing. Hard to believe, but I think they consider this 'fun.' Well, third times a charm, as they say, and a few days later, I found my way to the Grand River and hopefully some greener pastures. I set up my 'office' in an area that looked promising and the rest was up to the fishing gods. The morning was filled with activity and I was visited by herons, finches and swallows. The water in front of me was exploding with catfish jumping and feeding on the surface. Catfish jump. Who knew? After 'pulting out some corn in the marginal waters on my side of the bank, and threading several kernels onto the hair, I hoped the carp would soon descend upon my little breakfast table. Sadly nothing happened for several hours, so a change in tactics was needed. I decided to fish the far bank where overhanging trees were more prevalent and I imagined their roots below making nice carp comfort zones. So I loaded up a method feeder with some Bait-Tech Super Method Mix( Red )which smells good enough to eat, believe me! My first cast ended up in the trees, but happily, I was able to get the entire rig back( We all know how good that feels )and I just needed to pack the mix back on and fire away again. I can't remember how long I waited before hearing that first beep of the bite alarm, but it was as welcome as anything I'd ever heard after my all my previous blanks. Then came the one toner and I was in! After a good fight, as the river fish always provide, I brought this long, lean 14 lbs carp to the mat. Fishing on my own, I'm only able to show it to you lying unceremoniously on the mat, unfortunately. You can really tell these fish spend their lives in the turbid water of the lower Grand, as it was so much paler than the fish I'm used to seeing in the harbour. Back out goes the feeder and the alarm immediately starts to tease me again with some intermittent beeping. Once again, the alarm signals a serious take and another hefty battler is taking me up and down the river. To my surprise, I had this other famous resident of the river on my line. Although there are certainly much larger specimens, I'll remember this fish for a long time as it's my PB catfish at 8 lbs. Well, things quieted down for a while, until one more carp fell to my method and maize. Albeit a smaller 8 lbs version of the previous carp, it still gave a good account of itself, which I put to the makeup of these river fish. Although the picture doesn't show it well, the tail of these carp seems bigger to me than that of their cousins in the harbour and lake. Anyhoo, a good few days of exploring some new locales and surely more to come in the summer ahead! 0
  15. With the recent floods in Ontario and Quebec, this angler group went above and beyond. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/carp-saviours-quebec-floods-1.4116786