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  1. Do you listen to the pod cast on YouTube?
  2. Beauty buff cannonball
  3. My pb is only 19lbs so hopefully this year I can beat that.
  4. Holy crAp mo, enough fish? Lol beauty trout
  5. Looking to get out this evening and tomorrow morning. Hopefully the carp will be feeding with this cold weather we got last night. Made up two batches of chum/pva bags or mesh. 3kinds of chopped boilies,pellets,oats soaking in some squid flavor and pinkberry goo.
  6. Congrats ken. You need to update your camera lol. Beauty day to be out.
  7. Some happy kids there. Nothing better then kids catching fish
  8. Nice fish. The trout looks delicious.
  9. Seems like it was a nice day to get out for a walk. Next time bring the rod
  10. I know guys that have fished 40 years without catching a mirror. They are very rare in my area.
  11. Nice first carp. Hopefully they keep coming that nice.
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