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  1. Will the logo be posted today?
  2. I’d say let him take a pic of the fish on a mat with scale and logo in the picture.
  3. I find jello helps hold packbait together very well. I couldn’t believe the distance I could get over not using the jello. Must be the sugar that makes it stick together so well.
  4. I ended up landing 1 losing 5. The floating weeds were terrible the 5 I lost were buried in the weeds. Lots of time wasted driving around looking for a swim, lots of areas blocked off because of Covid. I still had a great weekend. Next time will be easier.
  5. thanks ken. I’ll let ya know how it goes. anyone know what typical weight size guys use? I have up to 4oz but I’m thinking I might need up to 6oz.
  6. Hey guys looking for some info if anyone can help. Im going to fish the river this weekend for my first 48 hour session. It’s a 5hour drive for me so any help would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone know an area I can fish for two nights? The camp grounds are booked or closed along long sault parkway. I don’t need a campground I’ll fish anywhere that I won’t get in trouble for staying. Has anyone fished the Cornwall dam? I heard there’s some good carp action there. I don’t really wanna drive any further east then Cornwall but I will if that’s where the fish are. Any help would be gre
  7. I’m even noticing a shortage online.
  8. Do you listen to the pod cast on YouTube?
  9. Beauty buff cannonball
  10. My pb is only 19lbs so hopefully this year I can beat that.
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