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  1. Is it telling you the picture is too big?
  2. Nice fish Jesse, I hope to pull one out this spring.
  3. Good job MO. Id like to try some creeks around here. Just need a day off.
  4. Good job. What kind of waters are you fishing? Lake,river,creek,stocked pond?
  5. Hey guys, how’s everyone’s winter fishing been? I’ve only caught a few small carp this winter. Looking forward to spring.
  6. The harbor is huge so this year the winds/temps have kept it open. When it does get ice it’s usually sketchy from always breaking up. Need some -20 temps and no wind to get a good freeze on the harbor.
  7. Lol thats the Facebook life. I feel like I’m missing out on lots of fishing stuff though. For now I’ll pass on it.
  8. I spent a lot of time there last season with not much luck. Caught a few and seen some real beauties come out. Looking forward to this spring/summer, I’ll be there.
  9. Stopped by the harbor on way home from work. It’s cold and wind is blowing. Just maybe something will bite.
  10. I’m ready for some fish-ins. If you guys need any help let me know. I own a fishing forum and might be able to get some more guys out and maybe a few more CAG members.
  11. No Facebook for me. Trying not to get sucked into it.
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