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  1. Is it my computer or is the forum still down, Lorne?  I keep checking in hoping we're back up but it's been so long I thought I'd better check to make sure it's not me.

    Carping season can't start soon enough!


  2. I have contacted our local municipal government, our ministry of natural resources and the Parks Board at Long Sault. Most if not all municipalities have by laws against the discharge of firearms with in city limits, bows are considered firearms under these laws. There is no bow fishing allowed with in park boundaries as well. I contacted our Ministry of Natural Resources over this matter. When it comes to bow hunting the ministry cautions bow hunters that they need to check that they are legal when hunting in or near municipal boundaries. They do not caution BFrs. I am asking that they do this. Bowfishing here is not as popular as in the US. There is a 3 month season May through July during daylight hours only. BF'rs are also supposed to not waste what they harvest under the regulations.The truth is carp here in Ontario are protected by the same laws that protect all fish. You cannot snag, use a speargun or net carp without a commercial license. You cannot just throw them up on the bank to rot.
  3. Thanks for all that you have done Mario.
  4. Hello I have been on a Sask. fishing forum and there seems to be a good deal of interest in our chosen sport. You have been on this forum for almost 10 years. I think that you recognize that two of the great things that CAG offers us here in Canada is stability and diversity. As well as the attitude that all are welcome. I wanted to ask if you would like to start a CAG chapter in Sask. We have the beginnings of one in BC. Manitoba also has a pretty good interest in carp angling. Lorne Morley

    1. tinycarper


      Lorne it's Deric from Welland, the younger guy from Niagara fishing forums. I torrid to get cag membership but when i went to purchase it there is only a state and zip code option to pay by credit card. Can you send me a message about what I'm missing? Either on here our Niagara fishing forums would be appreciated. Or can i just give you thirty when i see you Sunday. Thanks.

  5. Hello Willem It is our turn to host the event so I will need to edit the posts on the CanAm thread.
  6. Willem I need to be able to edit the CanAm thread so that changes in the roster can be made.
  7. Hello Willem We need to add " CanAm 2013" to the CanaAm subsection of the Friends of CAG section. Thanks Lorne
  8. Thanks Willem for taking the time to fill us in.
  9. Ha! You and Mark/hairwig. Both from the UK and both coffee lovers. More on topic. I did notice that here the guys are posting about their experiences at chucking fluff in our local forum and not in the fly fishing section.
  10. Looks like he still can't do either. He wanted to reply on the CanAm thread and wanted to start a topic in the carp gear section.
  11. Roger Holton contacted me. He is not able to post. He recently rejoined. Roger Holton, Hi Lorne, sorry to bother you again I tried to send Willem my payment receipt below but I can't get it through to him,could you get it to him please? The payment date was June 24. Regards Roger. Your payment has been received successfully and details are below. Invoice #3044 - CAN -12 Month Membership Item Description Unit Price Qty Total Price CAN -12 Month Membership $30.00 1 $30.00 Total $30.00 Payment of $30.00 received by PayPal & Credit Card - Today, 04:54 AM.
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