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  1. The RBG ( Royal Britannical Gardens) here in Hamilton/Burlington have been caught on film killing carp. They have been warned about this in the past. Carp are protected by the same laws that protect all our fish. Please phone or email our Ministry of Natural Resources to report this violation of our fishing regulations. https://www.ontario.ca/page/how-report-natural-resource-violation-tips-mnr .
  2. I thought I'd add in your FB post on shore line improvement there Dave.
  3. It is great to see you back Nick. I am looking forward to seeing more great pictures and posts. I got out for the first time this year on Thurs. I fished the swim that I chose for a fish-in years ago. If you remember we went out there only to be thwarted by ice.
  4. Looking forward to an easy going spring. CCIW can be very productive when we get one. I have caught carp at Lasalle as late as Dec. 24. Looking foward to seeing you out there Mike.
  5. Is it my computer or is the forum still down, Lorne?  I keep checking in hoping we're back up but it's been so long I thought I'd better check to make sure it's not me.

    Carping season can't start soon enough!


  6. TSC in Grimsby also sells maise, cracked corn, layer crumble, deer corn and more. Also give these guys a call. Home Hardware 10 Dartnall Rd, Hamilton, ON L8W 3N1 (905) 383-3353
  7. Nice one Jerome. Glad I could help in a small way. I guess you could call that an International Method Pack and boy do I mean international. One ingredient is Colombian , one from a Portuguese company and one from here in Ontario. I have caught 30's on it. Then add your method mix and wow that is one multinational incorporation. I suppose I'll have to add it to the list of packbaits now.
  8. http://www.hamiltonwaterfront.com/2011/11/01/hamilton-harbour-fishing-derby/
  9. Great pictures. Looks like you had a blast.
  10. I have contacted our local municipal government, our ministry of natural resources and the Parks Board at Long Sault. Most if not all municipalities have by laws against the discharge of firearms with in city limits, bows are considered firearms under these laws. There is no bow fishing allowed with in park boundaries as well. I contacted our Ministry of Natural Resources over this matter. When it comes to bow hunting the ministry cautions bow hunters that they need to check that they are legal when hunting in or near municipal boundaries. They do not caution BFrs. I am asking that they do th
  11. The event has been cancelled. The venue has been blocked off and the weather has turned bad.
  12. Nice mirror and kudos for introducing more anglers to our sport.
  13. Great father and son stuff.
  14. Look forward to seeing you there.
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