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  1. Sarah

    Bigbird Returns And..............

    Love the pic of him standing on the bucket Glad you had fun!
  2. Sarah

    From War To Wilderness

    Glad I snuck on the site today to read some stories. I absolutely loved seeing the photos and catching a glimpse of a beautiful country I will never get to experience. Your fishing trips have always been interesting to read, your kit perfectly set up with great photo angles, and seeing cute photos of your kids was an added bonus Always a good read Mario, I hope you are well. Hopefully you'll be able to find a good spot close to home.
  3. Sarah

    Positive Article

    Jerome, Mario, Neil, and Iain, Miss you all I would love to do another fish-in some day. It's been mostly lake salmon fishing for me, but there's nothing like catching a carp!
  4. Sarah


    One hell of a fishy!
  5. Hey all, I know it has been many moons since I have said anything around here, but I wanted to share with you a nice article that we read in the Burlington Free Press this morning. I knew there used to be a thread to post up links to articles, but I can't find it. Everything looks way different now Missing you! Sarah (from: here)
  6. Sarah

    The Lioness gives up its gold;

    Ol Captain said it best, but I'll throw in a word or two as well: Thank you for sharing these photos with us. You must have had a trip of a lifetime! I'm sure you will be able to find magic in more waters. I like your desire to find new places. Best of luck!
  7. Sarah

    Battle between Good and Evil...

    That was caught on 8lb test? That's true sport right there! Must have been so exciting to land that. My boyfriend caught a few sturgeon this week on 8lb.... I have no idea how you guys do it.
  8. Sarah

    Rodman lands new PB common

    That's so awesome! Congratulations, Rod
  9. That is both fantastic and insane!
  10. Sarah

    MI Chapter dose Erie

    Wow, love to see threads like these! You all have something really special there in Michigan. Keep it up!
  11. Sarah

    Happy Birthday Sarah

    Thank you so much It was a very nice day with breakfast in bed, time with loved ones, and a nice trip to Foxwoods Casino last weekend. Really fun times!
  12. Sarah

    SHE SAID YES!!!!!!

    This is the most beautiful and wonderful thing I've heard in a long time. You (and she) are both very very luck. Best of luck and love to you in your engagement and eventually your marriage, and I hope it is a very long and fruitful one. I am so very happy for you and what you have. Love you!
  13. Sarah

    The Ol Captain's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Horace
  14. Sarah

    Mass Fish in Champ

    That's great Vinny!!!
  15. Happy day after birthday Rick. Hope things are going well with you, that you were able to go out and do something other than work, and that this year will be even better than the one before