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  1. FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Your name: Cesar Espinoza Your CAG forum name: Socalcarper760 Your state or province of residence: Texas The state or province of your FFF 2018 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/18)?: No
  2. SPRING BIG4 post your pics

    wanted to start a post for people to show off there fish big or small any fish is a good fish there is 10 places
  3. FFF 2017 - Register Here!

    Your name:Cesar Espinoza Your CAG forum name:Socalcarper760 Your state or province of residence:TX
  4. Let's Start a Thread of Carping Inspired Artwork

    I must have miss read the post. I thought from the photo is was gonna be a scale pattern thing.
  5. Buffalo

    Just targeting common and the Buffalo show. They eat the same stuff from what I've seen
  6. Buffalo

    My pb buff 43 on the nose
  7. Getting addicted

    I personally never caught a carp on it. I know some people love it, but the 2 times I decided to use it i caught a cat. Maybe I will try one last time in the future and that will be my decision hahaha. I have a few go to baits and that's just what I stick to. You will find yours but you can't rely on a certain brand all the time also. I have used the same flavor from 2 different companies and one did amazing and is my favorite and the other company not the same result
  8. Getting addicted

    ^^ this right here is what I use also. Works great and like stated it comes on lots of cloth with tags. Works great in my eyes because the ends are bigger which makes it harder for the loop on the hair to slip off. And as for the corn use boiled deer corn. Cheaper and tougher and can add your flavor of preference so its not to plain. But corn out of the can seems to always work. When I do use that tactic I use it straight on the hook a few pieces instead of a hair And as for flavor I have used scopex in the past and have caught catfish so I just stayed away from the flavor. I love fruity flavor baits
  9. FFF 2016 - REGISTER HERE!

    Cesar espinoza Socalcarper760 Texas Texas No
  10. Hair rig newbie

    That shock bead was exactly what I was gonna recommend also, but I couldn't think of what it was called hahaha. No issue with weight sliding up to main line also
  11. Hair rig newbie

    I use a bolt rig. Hook to a coated hook link then a swivel. The main line has the lead on it and clips up to the swivel also. It's not a clip swivel sometimes. I press the swivel into the lead and the lead stays stationary. If you use the right swivel (size 8 for me) it will be in there very tight and hard to come off. Still would be able to shake the weight if my mainline breaks which is the only part I have every had snap on me.
  12. What are these called?

    I bought cheap ones on eBay that cost 10 a piece. Have led and adjustable weight. Also has a spring to adjust 2 different levels of tensions plus the sliding weight. Had one break on me but was my fault didn't pack them right in my hold all. I recently got quick releases and love them as it makes set up and take down fast
  13. What are these called?

    I wouldn't recommend those swingers. They have to many pivot points on them. It can get caught on the line if pulled the wrong way. And as far as getting a beep with no bite indicators it might not work for him because his alarm might not have sensitivity settings to allow that to happen. Or not sensitive enough to even detect it at all