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  1. We fished it a few times. We only had a few days each time but did well. Most fish were over 20lbs!
  2. Excellent! If you only knew how many 50lbers I’ve lost😁
  3. Congrats to everyone that placed! Shout out to Jerome! Wtg ! You’re certainly some stiff competition! Can’t wait till spring! And thank you CAG for making this possible!
  4. You’re fishing hard sir! If you’re going to do something do it right! Kody saw you pulled ahead and says to me “welp, time to cook corn”😁. Good looking fish!
  5. There’re mirror in sw pa but that would be a haul for you.
  6. Great fishing with you! Those cats are annoying!
  7. Those Asians look like their heads are upside down.
  8. With the weather we weren’t even gonna go. Glad we did!
  9. Thanks! New spot for us payed off.
  10. Great session! I hope we do that good next week!
  11. Ya! We were talking about that after he caught it. His Pb was 34lbs for years then last year he caught a 38 then skipped the 40’s. You had an incredible session!
  12. With near record heat in western pa, deeper reading 77degree surface temp. Never expected to see these fish hit the bank! 7B073E5D-665F-4E27-BE40-EBCD7C6A522D.MOV
  13. What’s the big deal about where the scale is or on a tripod? A tripod is the proper way to weigh a fish. No tripod the weight shouldn’t count period. Really the whole weighing process should be on video!
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