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  1. In my mind they count when they are in the net or in my hands. I don't count fish hooked anywhere but the mouth.
  2. Unusual double!!

    Very nice! That gar is especially cool
  3. When I left, everyone attending had caught one fish. Lots of fish rolling and a few lost to snags for me, but a successful fish in for sure! Here's a few pics that we took, I know Iain has more as well.
  4. Riverview Blvd Methuen, MA 01844 https://goo.gl/maps/vYcCZ6GgeFQ2 Somewhere around here I believe.
  5. Me as well! My brother and a friend may join if attendance looks to be low, assuming there's enough shore access. (We'll probably switch off with 4 rods anyways).
  6. MA Fish In?

    Sounds good Iain! Thanks!
  7. MA Fish In?

    Anyone interested in a fish in? Haven't been to any CAG events yet this year so just wondering if there were any plans or any interest.
  8. Neponset river carp

    They are certainly in the Neponset into the brackish sections, although probably not quite as far in as some of the towns you mentioned. I haven't fished it perosnally for carp so can't be much help as for spots, but I do know they move into some if the more brackish stretches. Heard from striper guys they'll see them.
  9. Big 4 2017 prediction

    Signing up from MA later today. I know I can't match the weights some of you guys will put up, but I'm shooting for a top 10 this time. Hoping to hit 80 lbs at least
  10. Nice report!
  11. Changing Forum Name

    PM Willem
  12. Wow! If we had catfish that big around here then my carp fishing time would probably be significantly less
  13. FFF 2017 - Register Here!

    Your name: FrankyYour CAG forum name: FrankyYour state or province of residence: MA The state or province of your FFF 2017 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: Same as residenceJunior (17 or under as of 1/1/17)?: Yes
  14. FFF 2017 - Contest Categories and Prizes

    Thanks Frank! I never seem to have any luck in the winter months, hoping that will change this year
  15. Sad news

    Always enjoyed his posts. My condolences to his family.