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  1. Wow, what beautiful fish you've caught! I've been carping for years and I'm still yet to land a mirror. You're doing great, keep carp fishing!
  2. Which season do you think produces more/bigger fish? Personally I think the pre-spawn period is best but I'm curious to hear some other opinions.
  3. CarpCrazed


    Nice 20lb common and my first fish I've entered into a big 4 contest.
  4. CarpCrazed

    CAG Spring Big 4 2018 The RULES

    Good luck to all!
  5. CarpCrazed

    NECC Photos

    Nice pics Dave! Loved your talk.
  6. CarpCrazed

    CAG Spring Big 4 2018 The RULES

    The leaderboard instructions PDF is giving me an error when I try to open it... any idea why?
  7. CarpCrazed

    CAG Big Four Spring 2018

    Yeah I can't find the link
  8. CarpCrazed

    NECC - Program

    Thanks again, Iain! I had an amazing time.
  9. CarpCrazed

    NECC - Fish In Update

    Darn! I had a 5 gallon bucket of maize prepared for the river but I guess it'll be too much for the pond
  10. CarpCrazed

    CAG Big Four Spring 2018

    Best of luck to you as well!
  11. CarpCrazed

    Fishing New Venues

    Shallow water is the ticket this time of year, but some fish may not have moved out of the deeper channels yet. I'd find an area with shallows, but put one rod off a drop off. You never know sometimes with carp
  12. CarpCrazed

    Carp Fishing the 'vine Round 2

    Tons of amazing fish!! You're incredible
  13. CarpCrazed

    Frank Warwick - NECC Live Link

    I'm surely interested! Will you be at the NECC this year?
  14. CarpCrazed

    April carpin

    Awesome!! You caught the entire shoal it seems! Didn't know sweet peas were a carp bait, I'll have to try it out.
  15. CarpCrazed

    Quick River Session!

    My friend Eric and I went out for a session on our local river this past weekend. It certainly didn't disappoint! We were only on the bank for around three hours but managed 2 nice fish! Eric got the first fish, and it ended up being an immaculate, 20-pound even common! It was a new PB for him, and his first fish from this swim. I was rewarded soon after with a chunky 22, my first carp of 2018! It was a nice session; didn't produce any giants but it was nice to get out there again. Tight lines, everyone!