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  1. CarpCrazed

    Noob - First Post

    Welcome to the forum, and to the wonderful sport of Carp Fishing! Glad to see youโ€™re enjoying it. And yes, Lake Ontario has some of the best carp fishing in Canada!
  2. CarpCrazed

    Catching PRISTINE Fully Scaled Mirror Carp!

    WOW! What an amazing fish, congrats!
  3. CarpCrazed

    CAG Spring Big 4 - Question!

    Been doing some research on states in my area... NJ: May/June. Best fishing time Apr 1- May 15. PA: Same as NJ, exception Allegheny mountains / Lake Erie Apr 15- June 1 DE: May. Best fishing time March 15 - May 1. NY: (Maybe late may?) June. Best fishing time April 15 - June 1. Exceptions Lake Ontario, St Lawrence river and Adirondack mountains, May 1 - June 15.
  4. CarpCrazed

    Deep lake carp tactics?

    Hello, and welcome to CAG! I don't have much experience fishing lakes, but I fish large rivers frequently so I'll try my best to help you out! Firstly you mention that there isn't any weed growth in the deeper water, and that is important to take into account. You want to fish as deep as possible to avoid being swarmed by perch, but also shallow enough so there IS weed growth. You will likely only find clams, crayfish etc. in shallower areas with weed growth due to the amount of sunlight. Crustaceans feed on Phytoplankton, which require sunlight like algae does. If there is no sunlight at depth of 40ft+, no Phytoplankton or Crustaceans will be there, and no carp as well! You may find carp temporarily passing through deeper water, but they are likely to feed only in areas with ample weed growth, and therefore food. Your best plan of attack, in my opinion, is to find the exact point where the weeds stop growing. If swimming is allowed and the water is clear enough, you could find it yourself with a good pair of goggles. Alternatively, you could cast a lead out and feel around the bottom. You'll be deep enough to avoid weed growth, but shallow enough so that feeding carp will still be able to see your hookbait. Bait that spot every day, at the same time of day for several weeks. When you want to fish, it will revolve around your 'baiting hour' as I call it. So if you've been baiting at 6:00 PM every day, you could fish from 5:00 - 7:00, the period of time when the fish will be most active. Perch are going to be your biggest issue, so you will want to avoid chumming with sweetcorn, birdseed, or any other small particle. You want to keep your prebaiting limited to boiled maize (deer corn) and boilies, baits that are too large for the small perch to pick at. Good Luck! CarpCrazed
  5. CarpCrazed

    Catching Carp In The Charles River This Weekend

    First off, nice fish! Was that in the tidal portion of the Charles? Yes, a 30lber makes a week of catching only turles and catfish worth it! Keep up the amazing fishing, you're on your way! (PLENTY of big girls in the Charles )
  6. CarpCrazed

    Caught a Beautiful Koi

    What an incredible capture! I'm sure it made your week! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  7. CarpCrazed

    Simple Rigging And Baits For Carp - Animation

    Great video, subscribed!
  8. Wow, what beautiful fish you've caught! I've been carping for years and I'm still yet to land a mirror. You're doing great, keep carp fishing!
  9. Which season do you think produces more/bigger fish? Personally I think the pre-spawn period is best but I'm curious to hear some other opinions.
  10. CarpCrazed


    Nice 20lb common and my first fish I've entered into a big 4 contest.
  11. CarpCrazed

    CAG Spring Big 4 2018 The RULES

    Good luck to all!
  12. CarpCrazed

    NECC Photos

    Nice pics Dave! Loved your talk.
  13. CarpCrazed

    CAG Spring Big 4 2018 The RULES

    The leaderboard instructions PDF is giving me an error when I try to open it... any idea why?
  14. CarpCrazed

    CAG Big Four Spring 2018

    Yeah I can't find the link
  15. CarpCrazed

    NECC - Program

    Thanks again, Iain! I had an amazing time.