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  1. That’s exactly how the fish were behaving! Sucking the surface, tail slapping and jumping. I do think a fly rod would have been very effective.
  2. I was in south NJ on the Delaware river. We’ve had a really hot spring, the hatch probably happened early. How long does it last? I don’t want them to be distracted by the hatch and avoid my baits! I’m planning on baiting up with maize daily this Thursday through Sunday. Is it possible that a baiting campaign could get them feeding on the bottom again? Sorry to be long winded; I’m planning a long session next week and would love it if I didn’t blank!
  3. I went out fishing today for the first time this year. I had prebaited yesterday and showed up at the same time again today. Heavy storms were rolling in and the air pressure was extremely low, 29.3! I was very confident in catching fish: Overcast skies, light rain on a quiet shallow bay isolated from the main river current... sounds perfect, right? Not only did I end in a blank, but the most confusing part was that the carp were showing all over my swim near the surface. They weren’t spawning, as water temps are only 55F, but they were jumping often and their tails were sticking out of the water that was deep enough for them to avoid it. They seemed active but were not feeding (at least, not on my rigs ) . Any ideas as to why they may have behaved like this? I normally observe this sort of thing on a high pressure front, on a cloudless and hot sunny day. Maybe a zig would have worked?
  4. Can't agree more. Water temps on the Delaware River were ten degrees below average and fell below 50F two weeks earlier than usual. I can't believe so many great fish were caught! Congratulations to all, and thanks to staff for running the event.
  5. Went out again today, got a nice high double. Not the thirty I needed but I’ll take it over a blank.
  6. I normally stop fishing once water temperatures fall below 50, but despite 48 degree water and a high of 46 today I hit the water anyway. Managed a single low twenty common but I'm happy with that!
  7. Nice fish! wish me luck, I need 2 30+ fish to catch up with Barry this weekend 😱
  8. Woah awesome! Keep us updated. Would you mind posting a photo? I’d love to see it!
  9. Whoops! I caught these fish two weekends ago but I forgot to post them here... The biggest fish went 25 1/2, not bad for a new swim!
  10. WOW!!!!!!! That is an AMAZING mirror! Fish of a lifetime! Ive never caught a mirror amongst hundreds of commons, I can only imagine catching that! Well done Jerome!
  11. WOW! A stunning fish to be caught once, let alone TWICE?! That’s awesome! Congrats man!
  12. UPDATE: Went to the same swim again today and BLANKED!? Weird..
  13. I decided to try a new swim that I've never fished before. It payed off well! In only 4 hours I landed 6 fish, 5 over twenty pounds! And I topped it all off with a 25.5 pound beauty! It was another excellent day. I think I'm beginning to figure out their feeding patterns in conjunction with the tides!
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