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  1. FFF Advice?

  2. 2017

    Awesome fish! Congrats!
  3. FFF Advice?

    Hello everyone, I wasn't sure where to post this since I couldn't put it on the FFF forum itself... anyway, I'm getting a CAG membership this Christmas and I plan on participating in the FFF this year. However, I've never fished in the winter before and I'm not sure what works best. Recently, water temperatures have been in the mid 40s, and I predict they will approach the high 30s on January 1st. With that being said, I assume I should focus on the deeper water? I've also heard that oxygenation is important, so I've found a swim where a shallow creek flows into a deep hole, around 15 feet, in a secluded bay off a large river. Does this sound like a productive swim, or should I concentrate more on the shallower areas that might get more sunlight exposure? Finally, I'm used to prebaiting large amounts in the spring and fall but I'm aware less is more in the water months. I plan to chum half a gallon of particle on December 30th, simply to get them rooting around on the bottom for freebies. Any opinions or other tips are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for your time! Ryan
  4. FFF Primer

    Yeah, I plan on becoming a member around christmas
  5. FFF Primer

    Nice fish! I plan on participating in this years FFF.. do you need to fish at night? I was hoping to fish for a few hours on new years day, because I might not be able to fish at night
  6. Self Photos with Your Smartphone

    +1 on the tripod and 10 second remote button.. That's exactly what I did here:
  7. This weeks carp-beautiful mirror!

    Is that a fully scaled beauty I see? Incredible! I'm still patiently waiting for my first mirror...
  8. Cold weather baits

    I'd love to try this out, but water temps around here are bottoming out in the 40s! Fish not biting recently, been hit with cold front after cold front and it's really shutting them down
  9. Epic Vacation Session!

    hmm.. just tried and I got this error
  10. River carping frustration!

    Personally, I use 30lb power pro in moss green, but any power pro line in a camo color like dark green or brown in the 30 - 50 pound test range should also work excellently.
  11. River carping frustration!

    I'd definitely recommend the 12' rods. Personally, I use Sonik S3 3.5 TC rods and I can easily cast 100 yards with them. As for your debris problem, I definitely recommend a backlead on braided line. Don't use Fluro or mono, because in my experience they stretch too much to allow for bite detection at long distances. Finally, definitely use a much heavier gripper style lead. I use Korda big grippa leads exclusively in 5oz size. If you buy a >3.25 TC rod you should be able to cast it with ease. They hold pack bait/method mix wonderfully, and I rarely have it fly off on the cast. They hold bottom wonderfully, too.
  12. Carp Probability Calculator

    Hello fellow CAG members! Lately I've had an idea that, if followed through, could be my next go-to tool in carp fishing. As you can see in my interests column, besides carp fishing I love computer programming. So I've decided to combine my two passions to make a probability calculator, where you input several factors such as wind, moon phase, tide (if applicable), water temperature, etc., and a general probability of catching a certain number of carp is calculated. Of course, the program will never be completely accurate, but I would like to take on the challenge of programming such a tool. Who knows, it may become a carp anglers' best friend! My question to you is what variables/factors should determine the outcome? Which circumstances of said variable will catch the most and least fish? For example, if one of the variables you have in mind is water temperature, you could say, " Water Temperature - 5) 60-70 Degrees 4) 70-80 Degrees 3) 50-60 Degrees 2) 80-100 Degrees 1) 0-40 Degrees " Based on the user input, a percentage for that variable would be calculated. For example, if the user says that the water temperature is 65 degrees, that would be considered a 5/5, or a 100% chance. These percentages would be calculated for every variable and averaged. If the average percentage is 0 or 100 percent, since there are no certainties in fishing, the program would output a 1 or 99 percent chance of catching a carp, respectively. The odds of catching two carp would be half the odds of catching one, three carp a third, etc. Any ideas?
  13. Epic Vacation Session!

    Last week I went on a vacation with my parents on a private riverside cabin.. the carp madness that followed made this the best session of my life! We arrived at the cabin for the weekend and I immediately began by chumming 2.5 gallons of particle bait. The sun set behind the woods on the opposite bank, and I entered my bivvy ready for my first night session ever... This 18 pound beauty so rudely disturbed me at 3:00 AM... I was having my favorite dream, where I'm on a weekend vacation and get to fish for carp the whole time. Oh wait.. The river went quiet for the remainder of the night, and I thankfully got some sleep. Little did I know how much I'd need it for the coming day.. Around 9:00 AM my cygnet grand sniper pod almost dove into the river, all thanks to this cracking 19 pound common. Midway through the battle with this one, my other rod set off.. Thanks to this other high double, my lines crossed multiple times. It's almost like they were communicating, "how do we mess with him the most?!" I reeled the rods in and took a short break to eat breakfast, and then fed the fish another 2.5 gallons of particle. I was soon rewarded with this immaculate 20.. I love it when they put their dorsal up! Of course, this vacation wasn't just about fishing... my family and I decided to do some sightseeing and returned to the cabin around sunset. With the final minutes of daylight I chummed the final gallon of particle I had brought with me, and set up my sleeping bag. I was in for the craziest 45 minutes of my life. I lay down in my bivvy, exhausted from a long day of battling carp and hiking in the poconos. As soon as I begin to fall asleep, my fishy friends decide it would be a good time to set off a rod.. This 30 certainly helped boost the average size! I couldn't believe my luck! on the last night of the trip, I was blessed with this gorgeous carp. As I posed for the above picture my shallower rod ripped off, almost entering the swift current of the river below.. I set the fish into the water and sprinted toward my rod pod. Despite being the smallest fish of the session at only 14 pounds, it fought as though it was a state record. Sometimes, the smallest carp put up the biggest scrap! I released it, satisfied with my weekend of fun. I returned to the bivvy, made my sleeping bag and lay down for a nights rest. "Not so fast!" as my rod pod proved to me a mere 10 minutes later. I sprung out of the sleeping bag and, with it still zipped around my legs, hopped down to the pod and began the legendary fight that ensued. I use a big pit reel with 500 yards of 30 pound test braided line, and this fish pulled the line down further than I had ever seen it. I lost track of the time, and I began to tremble from the excitement of what could be on my line. As the fish broke the surface, suddenly everything became more serious. I scooped the net up to reveal my second largest carp to date... Clocking in at a whopping 34 pounds, this common came only ONE POUND AWAY from breaking my PB! I couldn't believe it. This past weekend session has been the best I have ever experienced. Let's just say that I'll be returning to the cabin again, to catch many more immaculate carp!!
  14. Cold Fronts in November

    Then my spot should be perfect! It sits at the confluence of a smaller creek and the main section of river. The tributary creek has an abundance of natural food such as crabs, mussels, baitfish, berries and snails, and is usually warmer than the river water. The current pushes all bait and warm water to the mouth of the creek, where it meets the main river on a steep drop off, so I can position one rod in deep water (20+), one in medium depth (12), and one rod very shallow (5-6). The natural food supply, along with oxygenated and warm water should be great!
  15. Cold Fronts in November

    Where are these "winter spots" usually? Im guessing deeper water, 15-20 feet or so? Actually, the water temperatures have been in the 60s, so is it possible they could still be in their September/October hotspots (shallow water, from my experience)?