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  1. Wow congrats my friend. Excellent work!!!
  2. Here are a couple Big 4 fish. It’s been a rewarding effort so far. Most of all many fun days.
  3. David Dakin David Dakin Connecticut.
  4. Good idea Lee! I haven’t fished the cove in years.. I can’t think of a better time to get back there. I’m in...
  5. Nice work Jerome. Looks like a nice productive sessions with a couple of really good lookers. Your adventurers swims never ceases to amaze me...
  6. Excellent session my friend. Your work was well rewarded good job.
  7. Thanks Lee. I figured it had a cool name or thinking. That fish was the last one of the day on a short Sunday fish. But was a nice fight for sure, and alway fun to hook something unique..
  8. This carp was one of the most bazaar fish to date. She was very quick fish and stayed shallow. As it got near the net it looked like a gost of skeleton swimming. quite a catch on a very productive day the feed is on in the north east now.
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