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  1. Fishing New Venues

    Almost every venue is a new one for me, as I'm pretty new myself! I almost always have luck choosing a windblown bank (or choosing one that will be windblown in the future), and setting up shop there. I almost always prebait my swim in advance, typically for three days before I fish. I've yet to see fish in any other area than my baited one, but there have been days where I haven't seen any fish at all and I'll still be landing a couple. Something that always helps is to introduce more bait after every fish landed (or after every rebait). This keeps them in the area and competing over the food. The one thing you've gotta keep in mind is that once it's in, you can't take it out. Hope this helps, good luck and tight lines!
  2. Day Off Carping @Ray Hubbard

    Thanks! I dunno if I can do that, even the weather here in Texas is spotty. We've had days where it's 80 then right after it gets down to 40. I've had someone tell me that the wound could be from spawning, but I don't think they've done that just yet. Thanks KingKool!
  3. Day Off Carping @Ray Hubbard

    Thanks Dale and Aaron! Can't wait to get out again.
  4. Carp Fishing the 'vine Round 2

    I've caught quite a few that looked like that! I wonder why...
  5. Day Off Carping @Ray Hubbard

    It was super windy today but I'm sure as heck not going to miss an opportunity to fish. 20mph winds that had the marina I was fishing at almost whitecapping! This was my first time ever at Lake Ray Hubbard, but it definitely won't be my last. All fish were caught on corn and some leftover oats and chili method mix from my last trip at Grapevine, and were released to fight another day! This little guy wasn't even 5ft from me when I was baiting up yesterday, probably not too good that he isn't scared of humans. First catch of the day seems a little wounded or diseased. Didn't touch him and cleaned my mat and net right after. Anyone know what this was? Damon's going to be pissed that I already broke his 18lb PB. Guess it'll give him something to shoot for! Broke my previous PB of 16lb with this 23lb 1oz, 31.5in beauty! 40 minutes later and yet another PB! This gorgeous fish clocked in at 28lb 12oz and 33in! What a beast! Little carp action in between the giants that were biting today Is this a ghost carp? I think so, but I'm not too sure as I've never caught one before. He had some patterning on his back as well. 13lb 9oz It sure is crazy that this was my smallest buff of the day, it's still 4.5lbs over my previous PB! 20lb 8oz, 30.5in Another ghost? Didn't weigh him but he looked exactly the same as the other, even the pattern on top. Last fish I weighed for the day, solid 12lb 1oz Common Carp I had just finished packing up and was just about to pull this rod out of the water when it took off, and I landed this dark little carp. Always nice to get that last bite! _________________________ New to angling. Catch and release. The dream - to catch at least one of every species in our great state! https://txmultispecies.imgur.com/ "Take only memories, leave only footprints, kill only time."
  6. New Carper here

    Welcome! I'm fairly new here too, I'd recommend searching through lots of old posts here if you need info (let's be honest here, everyone needs info). It's helped me out tremendously!
  7. Carp Fishing the 'vine Round 2

    Thanks Aaron, John, and Lizardman! Grapevine is filled with buffalo it seems. They just need to eat a little more before I catch them next time!
  8. Carp Fishing the 'vine Round 2

    Thanks guys! It's a shame we had to leave, but I gotta pay the bills somehow.
  9. Took my buddy Damon out for another carp fishing trip. It was his second time fishing with me for carp, and he had never caught a buffalo before, so I set out with the plan to put him on his first ever buff. The fish lent me a hand (fin?), and we were pulling them in almost as fast as we could cast out. We had six rods between the two of us, and most of the time there was only one or two in the water. I even had a fish take my bait before the weight even hit bottom! First time that's ever happened! All fish were caught on corn with an oats and chili method mix, and were released to fight another day. First (non-catfish) fish of the day, my buddy's first ever Smallmouth Buffalo! Not a big one by any means, but a beauty nonetheless. 6lb 2oz. His second buff of the day, 10lb 7oz and apparently a good kisser. My first (non-catfish) fish of the day, a shiny 7lb 6oz Common Carp. My first buffalo of the day, and my new PB of 16lbs! This one was actually a double with an 11lb 14oz buff, but for some reason the camera didn't capture the pic of the other fish. Second carp of the day for me, little smaller than the other one. We didn't weigh the smaller fish as the action was too hot! His smallest carp yet! This one is actually smaller than any I've caught as well. I guess at this point in the day the small carp were swarming. He fought very well for his size, though. 'nother buff for me. 9lb 2oz My fourth buff so far! 7lb 13oz Doubled up again! This 9lber had an interesting red mark on this side. This was the bigger fish of the double, @11lb 2oz. Finally we both got a fish at the same time, his buff came in at 8lb 1oz and my carp was too little to justify weighing. Had to get the rod back in! Last carp of the day for me, another little guy. We got lucky right before we had to leave so I could get to work and doubled up again! I'm holding a nice 12lb buff and my buddy has a PB 18lb monster! A great end to a great trip! _________________________ New to angling. Catch and release. The dream - to catch at least one of every species in our great state! https://txmultispecies.imgur.com/ "Take only memories, leave only footprints, kill only time."
  10. April carpin

    Nice catches! No question that this is one of the best ways to kill an hour.
  11. Quick River Session!

    My thoughts exactly. Great catches guys!