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  1. TXMulti-Species

    Brown Trout

    Beautiful fish, congrats!
  2. TXMulti-Species

    Walter E. Long (Decker Lake) to be Drained?

    Here's an old map I was able to find if you guys are interested in going to fish it. AFIK, there are no other maps of the lake. I've heard it's very weedy so take lots of tackle! Edit: While this map is certainly nice, I did stumble upon a map that has much greater detail! https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#boating@11&key=ql|wDr_urQ
  3. TXMulti-Species

    Walter E. Long (Decker Lake) to be Drained?

    Thanks! Me too, I may have to make the trip pretty soon it seems!
  4. TXMulti-Species

    Walter E. Long (Decker Lake) to be Drained?

    I'll definitely write up a petition as soon as I get back from Florida, not sure how much attention it will get but the lake has been through this before. Looks like control of the lake may go to Austin Water, which manages LBL, so we do definitely have a shot at another trophy carp regulated water. The only issue I take with LBL is that Smallmouth Buffalo aren't protected as well, but carp is certainly a start! This is an old petition that I found from back in 2014 whenever they were discussing modifying the lake: https://www.change.org/p/sheryl-cole-save-lake-walter-e-long-decker-lake-from-austin-s-drought-response-plan#supporters
  5. TXMulti-Species

    Walter E. Long (Decker Lake) to be Drained?

    Sources for photos: http://www.austincarpangler.com/a-record-straight/ http://www.austincarpangler.com/hit-the-ground-running/ http://texasfishingforum.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/8188902/Re_WCC_Austin_November_session https://texaseliteangler.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/save-lake-walter-e-long-decker-lake-from-austins-drought-response-plan/ Here's a video showing that this is not simply a local attraction, but draws the passionate from around the globe:
  6. TXMulti-Species

    Walter E. Long (Decker Lake) to be Drained?

    Some notable buffs from this lake:
  7. TXMulti-Species

    Walter E. Long (Decker Lake) to be Drained?

    A fantastic carp and buffalo lake near Austin, Decker Lake, is currently undergoing review as to whether or not it should be kept. The city of Austin is putting together a master plan for the lake and they've narrowed down the general frameworks to four. Two of the four involve letting the lake dry up. Please give feedback through this survey! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WELArrange All of the plans involve adding hiking trails and park amenities which are badly needed. But here's a rundown of the major differences: Plan 1: keep the lake and most of the natural areas around it Plan 2: keep the lake but put a golf course where there's currently a forest Plan 3A: lose the lake, turn the dry lake bed into park stuff Plan 3B: lose the lake and put the golf course in the old lake bed After the power plant shuts down in the near future, it's primary function, water cooling, goes away. The current lake level is maintained by pumping water up from the Colorado River.
  8. TXMulti-Species

    New E-NACA is READYNACA 2018 Q1

    Been looking through past issues, not sure if you guys knew but NACA 2016 Q2 (https://issuu.com/northamericancarpangler/docs/naca_2016_q2) hasn't been working. Is it possible to get it back up?
  9. TXMulti-Species

    New E-NACA is READYNACA 2018 Q1

    Love these magazines! Full of amazing info and happy fishermen. Just wish they came out faster.
  10. TXMulti-Species

    lovin the pva

    Wind stirs up the bottom causing the critters that hide there to become exposed, attracting fish to feed on them. It also adds oxygen and changes the temperature. It's one of the best kept secrets for fishing success! Sometimes adding a bit of free offerings around your baits can make all the difference, I never fish without some form of packbait myself. Glad to hear you turned what could have been a blank into a success! Keep it up! Edit: Maybe add a few pics next time? If there isn't a picture then there wasn't a fish!
  11. TXMulti-Species

    Catching Big Carp in Dale Hollow

    Congrats on the mirror! Too bad Nate didn't get to reel in his only fish of the trip, that was the first redhorse I've ever seen come out of a lake. Quick question, how do you guys make the paylake style nets? I've seen a lot of people use them and want to make one for myself!
  12. TXMulti-Species

    Pack bait help

    As a guest, he can't access that information. For this time of year, try an oats pack. Use some old-fashioned oats, creamed corn, and a flavoring of your choice. Snow cone flavors are pretty good, you already know about Jello, and any spice or flavoring in your kitchen will work as well. Experimentation is key! When summer hits, try using millet as a base instead of oats. You can also add other things to any pack to give the carp a variety such as sweet feed, trout pellets, hemp seed, etc. One of my favorite packs is old fashioned oats, creamed corn, fermented sweet corn (leave it out for a week or so), sweet feed, pulverized range cube (best way is by sledge hammer, those things are tough), and chili powder. Carp like it spicy! The biggest tip I can give you when fishing any pack is to get the right consistency, it should just wet enough to mold and hold a shape, too mushy or too dry and it won't work. Don't squeeze too tightly and only give it a few compresses with your hands. To get a feel for the breakdown time, make a ball the exact way you do around your lead (same amount of compressions & force), and place it in the margins where you can see it. The ideal breakdown time is around 2-5 minutes. Good luck and tight lines!
  13. TXMulti-Species

    Carp Fishing Ray Hubbard + Some Creeks

    Thanks Aaron and KingKool!
  14. TXMulti-Species

    Carp Fishing Ray Hubbard + Some Creeks

    Thanks! I try to do my fair share, they tend to think along the lines of "why don't we fish for bass or catfish" or "you spend all your time and money chasing trash fish" until they hook into their first one.
  15. TXMulti-Species

    2018 CAG Ohio - Cowan Lake Results

    Congrats to everyone involved, there are some real tanks up in Ohio apparently!