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  1. here is a direct link http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/14-cag-store/
  2. Is the store active? I clicked on it earlier and nothing happened...
  3. Hoodie! OD, brown, and/or black.
  4. I agree, David. I'd prefer an electronic version myself...but I'm not against providing paper versions to those who prefer them.
  5. Spring Carping! Begone, ice!

  6. Done. I requested that carp, suckers, and other rough fish be given the same respect and protection under the law as trout, bass, and other gamefish. Also that size and number limits be adapted consistent with the science in sustainable and trophy fishing.
  7. Did you try the link for iphone/ipad? This has worked for me...
  8. Dean, high quality issue for sure! NACA keeps getting better and better!
  9. Who's the noddy on the cover? lol...
  10. Andy, you spearheaded a great turnaround for the organization... thanks! Now back to making great baits!
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