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  1. awesome write up mate,your playing with the big boys now. for those of you who don't know FDA i found him about 4 years ago fishing in the annual kids fishing event hosted by wethersfield game club which after a few tweaks to his rig he managed to catch a carp and win the thing !. next year i saw him again fishing the same event and after advising him where to cast with only 2 minuets to go till the end he again catches a carp and wins again ! a few months after that i took him and his dad on a tutorial and he managed to catch his old PB a stunning 23lb common. as you can see folks he has gone from strength to strength and is now a force to be reckoned with,keep up the great catch rate bruv ,im so proud of you. if any of you see him out there beware , he is a "haulin" machine !!!
  2. thanks chaps ! im thinking Jerome might be the cheaper option lol , buy him a few beers and ill be golden ! . ill let you all know how i get on,still trying to get my head around using only one rod...weird lol
  3. morning folks. so im off to Canada next month for a week ,the misses and nephew are going to some death metal concerts so i thought i would have a dangle in the st Lawrence river. we are going to Montreal and staying right next to the river but i have absolutely no idea how to fish it ! and can find very little on YouTube to help me, and this is where you lovely folks come in ..HELP !. what baits work ,what tactics do i need to employ ,size of fish to expect ,tackle to take ?. any help folks would be greatly appreciated,and if there are any danglers on here who live in Montreal or close by i would love to get together when im there for a session. lee
  4. just leave it lads, its sorted.
  5. obviously the fish in for tomorrow is canceled due to very high water
  6. so i have put together a list of fish-ins for the coming year so people who want to join in the fun and mayhem can plan in advance. i am hoping that these are acceptable to all members but i am whiling to listen to any ideas. may 5th : the charter oak challenge (Hartford) may 26th : the harbor park huddle (Middletown) June 16th : the Batterson park big girl bash (New Britain) June 23rd : the Gillette castle get together (Haddam) July 14th : the Wethersfield cove wacker catcher (Wethersfield) july 28th : the Thames river (thats pronounced tems lol) (venue to be announced) august 4th : the 1860 Reservoir researcher (Wethersfield) august 18th : the Gelston house hunter (Haddam) September 1st : the Dave Dakin invitational (ct canal in Suffield) September 29th : the back to Batterson bonanza (new Britain) October 27th : the Hubbard park hunker down (Meriden)
  7. in answer to your question "Ive heard"
  8. morning Michael and welcome to the forum. let me start by just letting you know we are a group of carp anglers that are predominantly "catch and release" carp anglers, so im not sure how many anglers on here will be able to help mate. secondly a question, why would you want to eat a carp ? there not exactly the tastiest fish that swims in your waters Ive heard, and take a lot of preparation even before you dispatch it for cooking. the folks on here will be more than pleased to give you advise on how to rig up and catch this majestic sport fish but please, don't kill them. catch and release carp fishing in Europe is worth $ 7,000000000 a year so you can imagine what sort of impact that would have on this great country's sporting industry if we can educate fisherman to respect the carp as a fun fish to catch and let go. that said however,at least in my state of Connecticut , there is actually a creel limit and size of fish you can take for eating so im not going to get on me soap box and preach about it being wrong in your state. best person to ask on here about this is our president lain sorrel who has worked tirelessly to get the creel limits imposed. ill make you a deal mate, if you promise to put the carp back that you catch ill send you a nice tasty trout to eat instead lol. most of the anglers on here love carp as much as there mum and dad , i know i do, and would love carp fishing in this country to become as popular as it is in my homeland of England but the only way this is going to happen is by respecting the carp as a fantastic sport fish that is awesome to watch swim away to fight another day.
  9. already booked the day off and will be fishing it mukka !
  10. had a look at Hubbard park lake today in meriden ct and it looks good, small lake of what i would say is 4 acres with an average depth of 4-5ft but holds some wackers ! have seen pictures of 2 fish from there both low 30s and a story of a girl of 8yrs catching a 38lb fish on a barbie rod of all things. so, im proposing we change the Sunday fish-in to there instead, thoughts ?
  11. ok, so wethersfield cove is under water and with up to 2 inches of rain expected Friday im thinking it aint worth fishing it. stay tuned though coz im thinking of moving it to Hubbard park lake in meriden but i want to check it out tomorrow before deciding.
  12. i have unconfirmed reports of a massive 48lb carp being caught from Connecticut some time today, i have seen the pictures and its a beast ! however,i have been informed that the captor does not want to claim the record,why i have no idea,i do have pictures of the fish and will post them when i know more.
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