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  1. (CT) Lee

    Swimming Skeleton.

    what you have there my friend is a ghost koi carp and a nice one at that...well done mate.
  2. (CT) Lee

    Carp: length, girth, weight ?

    my brain hurts,,,,,,,
  3. (CT) Lee

    Are Boilies Overrated

    look at it this way, your carp aint gona grow big and fat like the European carp eating sweet corn and chick peas , yes they catch a lot of fish but there not gona put on weight. as we all know sweet corn is the best bait ever made but that's just it , every fish that swims loves the stuff and you cant single out your carp quarry. the fish in Europe have got to the size they are by eating boilies pure and simple,you go back to 1952 when the great dick walker caught Clarissa there where no boillies/high nutritional baits as such and the fish weighed 44lb and that was a hippopotachunk for that time , the world record now is , i think a fish called shoulders that weighs 98lb...sweet corn fish ? i don't think so. keep persisting with boillies and you will see your carp record sizes start to grow to the point, i think, the American carp will start to get bigger than the European carp. just my 50 pence worth lads.
  4. (CT) Lee

    Fishing New Venues

    go for places that warm up quickest in the early spring sun,shallow water will warm quicker. its really all about location,find the fish,let them tell you where to fish,the worst thing in the world is to have a pre designated plan on what swim your going to fish,if the fish are not there its a waste of your time.take an hour and do a lap of the water your going to fish leaving your tackle in the car and just taking a pair of Polaroids to look through the surface glare. just last week i spent 2 hours walking around a lake near to savaymans house and finally found feeding fish right on the back of a freezing cold wind bubbling like crazy in about 4 feet of water,i ended up loosing one but at least i was on the fish. don't go piling the bait in,single hook baits and a PVA bag or mesh would be perfect,i would not go out trying to fill the lake in,just fish for a bite,just enough for a mouthful is all they will be looking for at this time of year mate. i personally would not pre bait a swim coz when you get there you might find the fish in a totally different place. good luck mate.
  5. (CT) Lee

    Frank Warwick - NECC Live Link

    yup, ill be there mate,i think its going to be epic !
  6. (CT) Lee

    Frank Warwick - NECC Live Link

    omg ! frank Warwick is like a mega caster, bloke can chuck a lead to the moon !. anyone who wants to know secrets on how to caster further this my friends is the geezer to ask.
  7. (CT) Lee

    URGENT - CT Regulations!

    sent mine to,i still find it so strange,why would anyone want to shot a carp with a bow and arrow ?
  8. (CT) Lee

    NECC 'Live Link' with Mark Pitchers!

    omg !! this bloke is my hero at the moment,mind you lain sorrell is to......im a very sad individual
  9. morning carp freaks ! does anyone one know where i can get sacks of hemp seed and sinking trout pellets from in ct,im having a mare trying to search for them online
  10. (CT) Lee

    got the bug again

    morning folks, my name is lee and i used to be the ct state chair here on CAG about 6 years ago,some of you may remember me (little blonde British bloke). i turned my back on carp fishing back then and decided to do something a lot different and took up metal detecting which has been very kind to me finding lots of coins and treasure. while out detecting last year i came across a lake on private land of about 20 acres which peaked my interest so i began to go down there twice a week to watch for signs of fish. having sold all my carp gear to ethan all those years ago i had nothing to fish with,which in a way was a blessing as it forced me to just watch for signs of carp. after a few weeks as the weather got warmer i started to spot some very big fish cruising the lake,a few approaching 40lbs if not bigger, and seeing this the bug well and truly bit me again. after talking to the owners i have gained permission to fish the lake and have begun to buy all new gear, rods,reels,pod,terminal tackle... the lot,in fact all im waiting on is a landing net and deciding what bait im going to be using. anyway, i thought i would take this opportunity to say hello to the old crew,saveyman,clowie and Ethan and to introduce myself to everybody here. i hope to meet you all on the bank this year once the weather warms up. ps didn't know if this was the right place for introductions so please feel free to move this post.