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  1. a spot in this years tournament has just became available, if anybody is interested in participating please contacted myself on 8606525287 or call fishinfactory3 in Middletown ct for registration details or questions. registration closes on the 13th. thanks lee
  2. Kyle Jeffreys contacted me and asked me to post on our forum. Kyle has been in contact with the DEEP this week and although they cant give him a 100% assurance that a permit will be issued for the competition due to the present situation they said they cant see a problem , if there is all moneys for registration will be returned. that said, registration will open on 7/13/20 and if the response from last year is anything to go by its gona be huge ! . more information will be on the fishinfactory 3 Facebook page but feel free to contact me at 860 652 5287 and i will be happy
  3. devastated to hear this , condolences to his family
  4. most of my fish this season have come from that swim,peg 15 in the carp tournament this year.
  5. funny you should say that cannonball, a couple of weeks before that picture was taken the camera guys dad died, when he saw the picture after he said he thinks its his old man looking over us....really cool i thought.
  6. yup sorter i pushed it through and chopped off the barb , im a butcher by trade so although it hurt i sort of new what i was doing. no, all the fish came from the bank , the boat was to try and get a massive fish un snagged from the fallen tree it had dragged me into.
  7. your absolutely spot on ken! its mummy or daddy was indeed a koi. the hook in the hand was the outcome of a 5oz lead caught in a weed bed close in , me pulling extra hard , and the thing whizzing towards my face as it came out of said weed bed like an Exocet missile ! and to top it off i was by myself and had to drive home with it still in my hand.
  8. while im on here i thought i would just share a few carpy pictures from my season so far including a few boat shots of when i lost what can only be called a "hippopotachunk !" anyway, its gona be picture heavy so go put the kettle on, make yourself a nice cup-o-tea , sit back and enjoy the fun and frolics of "lee the mad Brit goes carping" and at the end a few tutorials ive done this year for people who have never caught a carp, one guy had his first carp with me and it just happened to be a 30lb fish, another guys first fish was a near fully scaled mirror !
  9. so i bought some nice prologic bat+ bite alarms off team sorano (ny) and christened them with a small 12lb fish and then this lovely 21.8 lb common. thanks very much Alex they worked like a dream AINK9336.MP4
  10. im lost to lol, where do i find the leader board ?
  11. im registered ! bring on the hippopotachunks !
  12. if you want to give me a shout at some point i will gladly take you to a few spots that will throw up a 25lb fish for you. i live just down the road from you in wethersfield mate.
  13. i don't see why not Dave, ill have a word with the powers that be and get back to you bruv. im happy to put a prize up of a $100 gift card to wholefoods if that sounds attractive ?
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