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Willem (JD)

New Member Packages

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New member packages have a new look !!!

We’re striving in offering the members more and another good way to do that is the New Member Package we send out.

As some of the latest members know, there’s been a slight delay in receiving their “New Members Package”, but it will be worth the wait.

Here you can see some of the goodies that will be in the New Member Package for Canadian and USA $25 memberships.

CAG Anglers Log, Bait Stops, baiting needles, CAG Patches, CAG Decal, Hair rigs, Hooks, CD/DVD with digital copies of all previous NACA's and CAG Newsletters back to 1994 (That's over 50 issues).



We have more items coming in and will try and keep the new member package as useful and exciting as possible.

A BIG thanks to the vendors that donated items for the New Members Package. The package will also contain business cards and decals from vendors that provided such items.

Electr. Worldwide do not qualify for a New member package.

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Thank you to those companies and individuals that have helped revamp the new Member packages B)

Those CAG Angler Log Books are very cool and I believe they will come in very handy.

They have 24 pages front and back with the following to record your data:




Type of species



Air Temp

Water temp




And notes section

That CD logo is very cool Willem. :)

More to come including swivels, another style of hook and a revamped CD including archived NACA's from 1993 through 2011.

We're also going to start on yet another little project...a tutorial Brochure on rigs/baits..etc..

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It's looking really good, and there should be more delivered to you by next week...... ;)

and of course thank you to those that have so generously contributed ;)

Edited by Neil Stern

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Phew !!! We got the last items in I was waiting for!!! It's been a busy last couple weeks burning the new CAG NACA Newsletter Archive CD's. !!!!!

The CD is a Fully “browsable” CD with menu, just like browsing a web page. The image in the CD is not a "label, but Light Scribed into the surface of the disc itself.

I wanted to make it a real keepsake containing a great amount of info and hard work from ALL the previous CAG members that was involved in the CAG Newsletter from the 90's!!!!

This is a collage of some of the items you can expect in your “New Members Package”. The look of items will change as we'll try to keep the package interesting and based on availability from suppliers and donor's.



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Those pics look sweet!! B)

where can I join up?


Edited by Neil Stern

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