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I found something disturbing this this morning.  I had two sister websites that showed a lock with a red line through it.  I took the computer to Staples and the techie said that the websites were not secure.  He used the prefix of https:// with the website address.  It came up that the websites were not secure.  He advised not to use any personal information.  I did this with about a dozen websites and the only one that was secure was my bank!  Clicking on the small case "i" on the upper left showed CAG not to be secured.  This bothers me as I am anticipating ordering some things fro the store. I'm reluctant to order anything now.  Computer people and admins please address this issue.  Thanks.

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HTTPS, secure socket layers, means that information going between the client and the server is being encrypted (think of the SSL certificate as your encryption key for the data). It requires an SSL certificate to be purchased, activated, installed and the site updated to use. SSL requires a website to have a dedicated IP address, not a shared address that often many hosting companies provide.


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Got the answers I needed.  Thanks for the reply, John.  The website itself might not be secure but when you do a transaction, the group that handles the money transaction would be secure.  I was told to look for the https prefix to the URL for verification. 

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